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The Many Deaths of a Gamer


Hello and welcome to my site. Here I will be summarizing and reviewing any game I play, as well as keeping a death count so you can mock my inability as a gamer. Mostly I’ll be playing retro games from the NES, SNES and Genesis era of gaming, but I might expand that as things go on.

About Me

Mario 1-1
I have been playing games most of my life, But I’ve never become an expert at it. I see the people speed running Super Mario Bros. in 5 minutes, while I’m over here trying not to be killed from the first goomba. Even if I do die a lot, I love playing game. I might not be skilled, but I’ll brute force my way through nearly any game I play until I win. Because it’s not about being a pro, it’s about having fun.


About the Site

I started this site because I love retro games. I want to play as many of them as I possibly can. Thanks to emulators, that has become ridiculously easy. Every game ever made at the click of a button. As well as hacks, demos, different regions, even games that were never released and showed up in someone’s garage sale. There are just so many possibilities.

There’s just something not right about that through. Not if I want to be a serious retro game enthusiast. Since I started this site, I made a rule that I would only review games I have physical copies of. They’re either games I already own as part of my tiny collection, or I would buy a copy off eBay, or at a used game store. Building my physical collection is actually making me happier than I thought it would. I’ve started buying up quite a few games in an attempt to make a respectable collection. There’s a problem though, mostly that I have very little spare cash to be spending $300 on gems like Earthbound.

Sure, most of the rare and popular games are a bit out of reach at the moment. I have to start out in the discount bins, buying up games I’ve never played, many I’ve never even heard of. But that’s where my “30 minute reviews” come in. I don’t have time to play every game to completion, but I would like to at least see what it is that I bought. So I’ll pick a game at random, play it for roughly 30 minutes to get a feel for it, and review it based on that experience. Was it fun, was it what I expected based on the cover art, would I play it again? Who knows, maybe I’ll find some hidden gem that I really enjoy and want to play to completion at some point.

So join me as I stumble through some retro classics, or come explore with me as I dig through the discount bins!



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