Animal Crossing: Wild World (DS)


Another year is almost over, and it’s been another year of near total neglect for this site. Look, I’m sorry. I really do INTEND to write more for the site, but I need to pay the bills, and work gets in the way. I get maybe a month of normal 40 hour weeks before another big project starts and it’s right back to crazy 70 hour weeks, staying up until midnight working, and crashing once work is done. I simply don’t have the time or energy to be playing games, and that goes double for all the work involved in writing an article on those games. But I don’t want the year to go by with nothing posted, so I’ll push through it. I loaded up my emulator for the first time in months, saw it had new updates, and it finally supports Nintendo DS games. With that in mind, I had the perfect game to get a break from work. Animal Crossings!

Considering the absolutely perfect release timing of Animal Crossings: New Horizons for switch, I can imagine most people are at least somewhat familiar with the series. So, this game doesn’t really need much introduction. Obviously, we’re not playing New Horizons for switch. That was the 5th main installment in the Animal Crossing series. Instead, we’re going to be heading back to the 2nd game in the series, Animal Crossing: Wild World for Nintendo DS. There are definitely some welcome features in New Horizons that Wild World is lacking, but the basic game is all there. You go fishing, catch bugs, collect fruit, and try to pay off your massive debt to your new tanuki overlord, Tom Nook. With that said, let’s head over to our new town and try to have a little relaxing vacation from the real world.


The game begins with us in the back of a cab driven by Animal Crossing Series regular, Kapp’n. During our ride, Kapp’n strikes up a small conversation with us, gathering up some basic information like the current date, our name, our gender, and the town name we’re moving to.

After the basic information is established, he starts asking a few less obvious questions. Why did we choose this town? Do we have enough money to get settled? That sort of thing. The way you answer these questions actually determines what your character looks like. You will obviously be able to change your cloths, and eventually you will gain the ability to change your hair style, but these questions are the only way to change your character’s facial appearance.

We soon arrive in our new town, which I have named “Internet”. Kapp’n was kind enough to drop us off directly in front of the town hall, where we can figure out what to do next. Inside we find Pelly tending the counter. Thankfully, she is already fully aware of our situation. Tom Nook was kind enough to tell her we would be showing up today.

First things first, we need to check out the house that Tom Nook is providing for us. Pelly helps us pull up the town map and we get our first glance at our new home town. Every town is randomly generated, but they have a few things in common. Mountains to the North, West, and East as well as the ocean to the South. A river running through town down to the ocean. As well as a few scattered houses and other points of interest. For now, it looks like we just need to head directly North from the Town Hall and we’ll find our new home.

Without any difficulty, we found our house. It’s a nice little house from the outside. Inside it’s, well, a bit small and barren at the moment. We apparently left home with just the clothes on our back and nothing else. Tom Nook has provided us with a cardboard box, a candle, and a radio, which now make up the entirety of our current worldly possessions. It’s not much, but at least we have a roof over our head.

Having found our new home, we venture out to see what the town is like. No sooner do we step outside, Tom Nook is waiting there to greet us. Naturally, this isn’t just a friendly visit. Tom Nook is here for a reason, and that reason is to hand us a bill. He didn’t give us this home out of the kindness of his heart. He’s selling it to us for a total of 19,800 Bells (“Bells” being the in game currency).

As mentioned before, we have nothing at the moment, and so we have no way of possibly paying this amount. Thankfully, Tom Nook isn’t looking for us to pay him back right away. He’s happy if we just make small payments over time at the town hall. In the meantime, he does offer us up a solution. Why don’t we come work for him part time? Almost like he planned it this way from the beginning.

With that, he leaves us to do whatever we want at the moment. Having no other plans, we might as well find his shop now. Pulling up the map, it looks like his shop is right behind our house. Actually, if I look closely, I can see the store sign just behind my house already. So that’s convenient. Let’s go see what work he has for us.

Inside Tom Nook’s Store, Nook’s Cranny, we see that it’s a small little shop with only a few things for sale at the moment. But no time to shop, as soon as we enter the store Tom puts us straight to work. First things first, we need to put on our work uniform, so everyone knows we’re the new employee.

Our first real task is to go outside the shop and plant some trees and flowers to make the place look nice. This is an easy task. Just go outside, select the trees and flowers in our inventory, and plant them in the ground. Done. What’s next?

Before getting our next task, Tom has a sudden realization. Obviously, we just moved to town and immediately started working at the store. We couldn’t possibly have had time to introduce ourselves to the other villages. If we’re going to be working at the store, we should probably become friends with the locals first.

We check the map again to see where everyone is. Directly south is the Town Hall, where we can introduce ourselves to the Mayor. Then two beach front houses at opposite ends of the shore, and the final house is up along the river. A quick little loop to see them all and we should be done.

Since he’s the closest, our first stop is to see the Mayor, who we find outside the Town Hall. Before we can even introduce ourselves, he asks us a sudden question. Between The Chief, The Mayor, The Mail Clerk, and The CEO, who do we respect most. We want to make a good first impression, so naturally we say The Mayor. This makes him happy and causes him to blush a little.

After this we get into proper introductions. Mayor Tortimer also informs us that we should come see him during holidays. He’ll be waiting outside the Town Hall just like today to celebrate with us.

Continuing south we make it to Pippy’s house. Pippy isn’t home right now, but luckily they haven’t wondered off too far. Looks like they were going to do a little fishing before we showed up. We don’t want to keep them, so we keep the introductions short, and are on our way.

Following the coastline, we quickly make our way to Daisy’s house at the other corner of town. We let ourselves in and introduce ourselves to her. She seems nice, except for one little thing. DID DAISY STEAL THE MOON!!! WHAT’S GOING ON HERE?! We should probably leave before something bad happens to us.

Running as fast as we can, we make our way to the final villager’s house. Unfortunately, Mint isn’t home right now to hide us from daisy. We find her just out back, however, with a watering can. I guess she was tending to some flowers when we showed up. Anyway, we exchange our introductions, and for some reason she also mentions that she’s a Taurus, “the prettiest sign of them all!”. Weird, we didn’t ask, and no one else mentioned their signs or anything.

We end up talking to Mint again and she becomes more curious, asking us a couple personal questions, starting with our birthday. Well, this is DeadPark, and the first article on the site was posted May 26th, so I guess that’s our birthday. She seems happy to learn that we’re a Gemini, and then launches straight into the next question.

Which trait is most important, Kindness, Beauty, Coolness, or Charism? Out of those options, personally, I guess Kindness would be the most important. As long as you’re not an a**hole, I can usually get along with everyone. Mint, however, seems to be plotting something with this information. Not sure what to make of that…

Maybe we shouldn’t answer any more questions and just head back to Tom Nook. Tom at least seems happy with our performance. Now that the whole town knows who we are, he is considering putting us in charge of deliveries now. It’s only our first day and already we get a promotion.

As it so happens, there is currently an item in need of delivery already. Looks like Mint ordered something. Oh god, not Mint. I guess Nook didn’t want to deal with her either. Why else would he have an item waiting for delivery already.

We, however, don’t have much choice. We need to pay back that home loan. So, we head back over to Mint to deliver her package. Unfortunately, we can’t find her. We start looking around her house, and the weirdest thing happened. WE FELL INTO A HOLE! Looking back at the recording, I can barely see that the ground was disturbed, but I didn’t notice at all at the time. Thankfully, it’s not a deep hole and we manage to free ourselves rather quickly.

Not long after this ordeal, we do finally manage to locate Mint. Despite our company uniform, Mint seemed confused by us doing deliveries. I guess she didn’t notice. But she quickly understands the situation. Apparently, she had to do the same thing when she first moved to town.

In an act of solidarity, Mint decides she doesn’t need her delivery after all, we can keep it for ourselves. And so, we are now in possession of our very own cradle. Wait, a cradle? Like a baby cradle? THAT’S A BABY CRADLE!!! Mint, if you’re having a baby, you need this, not me. Hold on. Oh god. OH GOD! Single female living alone, overly affectionate to the new man in town, literal pitfall traps around the house, ORDERING A BABY CRADLE!! NO NO NO NO NO, I WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS! I just moved to town, I’m not becoming anyone’s baby daddy!

We just need to put this out of our mind for now. Tom still has more work for us to do. This time, it’s a simple task, write a personalized letter to Daisy inviting her to shop at the store more. Easy!

Tom didn’t really give us much guidance about what the letter should contain, so I took the direct approach to capitalism. We have stuff, you want stuff. You have money, we want money. It’s a perfect win-win situation. So, in the envelope it goes, and hand it over to the post office. Another job well done!

Even though I thought we did that pretty fast, Tom Nook seems displeased with us. I’m not sure how we could have done that faster. But the work keeps on coming, and this time we need to deliver a carpet to Pippy.

Not wanting to upset Tom Nook any further, we RUN all the way to the beach to find Pippy. Unfortunately, now Pippy is upset with how slow the delivery service is. Apparently, this carpet was supposed to be delivered “YES-TER-DAY!”. There’s nothing we can do about that, we only just got here today! Thankfully, Pippy understands this and forgives us.

Since he has new carpet now, Pippy even offers to give us his old carpet. Which isn’t a carpet at all, as it turns out, but diner tiles. Oh well, it’ll probably look better than the bare floors the house has now.

With that delivery complete, it’s time to head back to Nook’s. But before that, I thought I saw something while I was talking to Pippy. I don’t want to miss it, so I run after it as fast as I can. What is that? It looks like a gift box floating around by a balloon. If I had a slingshot, I could probably shoot it down for a closer look, but right now I’ll just have to wonder what could have been.

Even with our little detour, Nook finally seems happy with our performance. That doesn’t mean the work is ending any time soon. Next up, we need to deliver a new watering can to Daisy. Nook gives us a warning not to use it ourselves, it belongs to Daisy. Fair enough, I wouldn’t want my delivery person using my stuff either.

Daisy is the easiest villager to find, since she’s still in her house. So, we rush over there and quickly complete the delivery. But it looks like we’re not the only delivery Daisy is getting today. Even though we JUST dropped it off at the post office, the letter we wrote to Daisy has ALREADY been delivered to her. I guess in a town this small, the post office doesn’t really have much else to do.

She’s very happy to get that letter, but at the same time, she offers up a bit of a warning. Everyone in town loves getting letters. What’s more, everyone in town loves SHARING those letters. So be careful what you write because the whole town will be reading it. Thanks for the warning, Daisy.

Once again, we return to Tom Nook, and once again he has more work for us. This time, he wants us to write an advertisement on the town bulletin board. He doesn’t give much direction, just something the kids will think is catchy and cool.

Much like with the personalized letter to Daisy, I take a very literal approach to this advertisement. Nook’s Cranny is the only store in town. You really don’t have a choice where to shop.

With that sad truth posted, we head back to Tom Nook. To our delight, that’s it! Tom doesn’t have any more work for us. Unfortunately, that also means he has no more need for us, and we’re fired. Shortest job I’ve ever held.

Of course, Tom doesn’t just forget about our house loan. He still wants that money, even if he is firing us from, as I pointed out, THE ONLY BUSINESS IN TOWN! Not only that, but we barely made any money working for him, only 1,400 bells. Not even 10% of our debt.

Tom does at least give us some advice on how to make more money. Turns out, he is willing to buy back anything we have to offer him, not that we have anything to offer him at the moment. He also suggests the other townsfolk might have odd jobs for us as well.

Of course, Tom is also gas lighting us a little bit. Yes, we have to pay back that house loan. But isn’t our house kind of small? Maybe we want a bigger house. Tom can make it bigger for us. But then we’d have a new loan to pay off. And after that, the house can still be bigger, which would be ANOTHER loan, and more work, and so on and so on forever. We have fallen for the trap and it’s already too late to escape this loop.

Either way, not having to “Work” is something to celebrate, so we do, while we can. After that, we head back home, put our old work uniform on display, lay out those diner tiles we got from Pippy, and contemplate what we can do next to make money.

At the moment, we really don’t have many ways to make money. What we can do, however, is shake trees to collect fruit, and pick up sea shells along the coast line. Just fill our pockets with as much as they can hold and bring them to Tom Nook for some quick cash.

It’s not much, but for that pocket full of stuff, Tom is offering 2,220 bells. 2,220 BELLS?! That’s more than he paid us for all that work we did! And it only took a minute to collect those shells off the beach. He was seriously ripping us off!

Unfortunately, we can’t get mad, since he is the only store in town. We have to stay on his good side. That said, we finally have some money of our own to spend. Tom doesn’t have a huge selection at the moment, but what he does have is a fishing rod. With this, we can go fishing and make some serious money selling him the fish we catch. Another vicious cycle. We make money from Nook, so we can buy stuff from Nook, in order to make more money from Nook, which is given right back to Nook.

We’re already part of the loop now, so I guess there’s no helping it. We might as well have some fun with it. So, let’s get fishing. It’s not particularly complicated in animal crossing. You look in the ocean or the river for shadows of fish, throw the hook in front of them, and reel them in when they bite it. Simple as that.

Now that we have caught a couple fish, we can go sell them to Tom Nook. Or, there is actually another option for us. Despite this being a tiny town with a population in the single digits, it has its own museum, curated by everyone’s favorite owl, Blathers. As an owl, he will naturally be asleep during the day, but he doesn’t mind being woken up if you need him.

Blathers will accept donations of any fish we’re willing to give him, though only 1 of each for display purposes. When accepting donations, he typically offers up some fun facts about the specimen in question. Unfortunately, he’s a bit hungry when it comes to fish. But not to worry, he’s a professional. Those fish will be properly displayed and cared for.

In addition to fish, Blathers will also accept insects, works of art, and even fossils to display in the museum. Unfortunately, the museum is currently devoid of any such displays. Apparently, the whole budget was used on the building, and nothing was left over to buy actual attractions. Looks like we’ll have to help fill these empty halls.

We can also take a short break in the café down in the basement. The barista, Brewster, isn’t really the talkative type, but he brews a great cup of coffee, and maintains a relaxing atmosphere in the café. On the weekends there are even live performances on the stage to the left.

While we’re exploring our options in town, we might as well stop by the only other store in town, situated immediately next to Nook’s Cranny is Able Sisters. Unlike Nook, who deals in anything and everything, the Able Sisters deal strictly in fashion. Clothes, hats, umbrellas, and other fashion accessories. If we want, they’ll even help us create our own custom outfits. I’m not particularly interested in anything they have in stock at the moment, and I’m even less interested in creating my own clothes right now. So, we won’t take up much of their time today.

One special note about fishing before we sell our catch. It doesn’t matter how much that fish is swimming around, or how much it’s fighting being caught. There’s always a chance that fish is actually a piece of garbage. And I don’t mean it’s a bad fish, I mean it’s a literal piece of garbage like a tin can, or a car tire. Just something you have to deal with. Thankfully, Nook is willing to take these off our hands as well. I believe there’s also a recycling bin inside town hall, if we want to dispose of it properly. Not sure, I usually just let Nook deal with it.

Anyway, we finally head back to Nook to sell off our pockets full of fish (and garbage). It only took about 10 minutes to catch a full inventory worth of fish, and Nook is willing to buy them off us for a total of 4,930 bells! We even had garbage and common fish mixed in there, so that amount can get a lot higher with better fish. At this rate we’ll have our house paid off in no time.

With that, I think it’s time for us to call it a day. We’ve actually done quite a bit today. We moved to town, fell into massive debt, got a job, got a promotion, then got fired from that job, and became the target of an obsessive stalker. Time to head into the attic of our new house and go to sleep in the bed. This will save the game and we can get some more work done tomorrow.

Now, when I say tomorrow, I mean real world tomorrow. One of the main features of the Animal Crossing series is that the game plays in real time. Every day the stores get restocked with new stuff, plants will grow, people will move in and out of town, and perhaps some random guest will visit your town. Case in point, as soon as we leave our house, we’re blindsided by Lyle here trying to sell us something.

Lyle asks us if we’re willing to take a questionnaire. I wasn’t planning on being bombarded this early in the morning, but he’s giving me the sense that even if we refuse, he’s going to ask us anyway. So, I guess we’ll take the questionnaire. First question, do we know who Mr. Redd is. As Lyle describes him “Short guy, black market, owns a tent?”. And yes, we do know Redd, at least from the other games. He is a fox who sells stolen art work. Not a fan of the whole black market thing, but Redd in the main way to acquire art for the museum, so we don’t have much choice.

Now, hypothetically, if the art thief Crazy Redd were to show up in town, what day would we want him to visit? I have no particular preference, so I choose Friday. End the work week with a little crime. Not that Lyle works with Redd, no one is saying that. Wink wink nudge nudge.

Anyway, enough about Redd, onto the next question. What do we think of Lyle personally. He seems like a trustworthy guy, right? Honestly, no, not really. He is clearly very shady. He cornered us as soon as we stepped out of our house and started asking us about the black market. Not the kind of thing someone on the up and up does.

Moving on, Lyle has a few more questions for us. Ten more. Seven. Three. Next question. My Impression of the insurance community is a positive one. Um, no. Insurance is a scam. If it worked as intended, it would be great, but they try to screw you out of benefits at every given opportunity.

I have put thought into my plans for a grim, inevitable future. Any future seems to be a grim one, so yes, I have. I have been the victim of frauds, scams, con jobs, or pyramid schemes. Actually, yes, someone hacked my Google account a few months ago and charged $200 worth of stuff. I had to file a claim on it. Which I then had to fight for because they didn’t want to accept that it wasn’t just me buying $200 worth of stuff.

With that, the questionnaire is over, crunching the numbers and, bad news. We’re alone, no plans, no safety net, bad stuff is going to happen to us. Sounds like a threat to me. Lyle looks kind of scrawny, I think I can take him down if I have to.

And now we come to the real point of this whole questionnaire. We need to buy insurance, and it just so happens, Lyle is selling it for the low low price of 3,000 bells. If we get hurt, we’ll get paid the same day. Sounds like a scam to me, but like I said before, all insurance is a scam, so what the hell, take my 3,000 bells. I can make it back in just a few minutes.

So yeah, I’m never seeing that money again. But Lyle claims if we’re ever hurt, we’ll get money. Problem is, there aren’t really a lot of ways to get hurt in this game, so I’m not sure when we’d actually benefit from this.

Now that that whole ordeal is done, we can finally head over to Nook’s and see what new stuff he has for sale today. Unfortunately, Nook also has news for us. He wants us to be aware of the Happy Room Academy. This isn’t anything major, they just come to our house, uninvited, and when we’re not home, to see what stuff we own, and then score out house. Nothing shady going on there. Again, I’m pretty sure we don’t really have a choice. Nook built the house, he probably has a spare key even if we refuse.

After we begrudgingly accept to join the Happy Room Academy, we can finally check out what Nook has in stock today. Still not a lot to choose from, and sadly no bug net today. However, he does have a shovel for sale, which is helpful too.

There isn’t a whole lot you can do with the shovel each day, but what little you CAN do is very profitable. First, you can use it to hit rocks. Doing this to most of the rocks in town will accomplish nothing. However, one rock a day will be a “Money Rock” and hitting it will cause it to spit out bags of money. There is a bit of a knock back, so you might have noticed I dug holes behind me to keep me in place while I hit the rock. Even with that, I only got 7 out of the possible 8 bags. Still, that earned us a quick 8,500 bells.

The other thing you can do each day is go hunting for fossils. These can be a bit tricky to find. You need to search for small X marks on the ground, which show there is an item buried there, then dig it up. But they blend in really well with the ground, so you need to be paying really close attention. If I remember right, there are 3 possible fossils each day. If you miss any of them, they’re gone and replaced with 3 new fossils the next day.

So, what that means is every day you have a chance to add 3 new fossils to your museum. Or, if you don’t care about the museum, Nook will buy them for a couple thousand bells each. Before you can do either option though, you need to identify them. Thankfully, Blathers has been taking classes, and is now “officially licensed” to identify fossils himself. Thank God. In the first game, you had to mail them out to be identified, then you’d get them back in the mail the next day, it was this whole thing. Blathers being able to identify them really streamlines the process.

Since dinosaurs were such large creatures, it takes multiple fossils to create a complete skeleton. Usually some combination of head, body, and tail. Blathers will happily accept whatever pieces we have, but unlike the fish, he does not offer any fun facts about the creatures until we have the full skeleton.

If you’re going out fossil hunting, you’ll have to sweep the whole town looking for holes, so you might as well keep an eye out for another daily change, weeds. Several weeds will sprout up in town every day. Some will look like little patches of tall grass, other might look like clovers. Either way, you’re going to want to pull these every day or your town will eventually become overrun with them.

After catching a few more fish, we quickly gather the last of the funds we need to cover our loan. Money in hand, we head over to town hall to make the payment. Only took a day and a half to pay off a house. Not too bad.

Without a loan hanging over our heads, we decide to head over to Tom Nook and rub it in his face. We’re free to do whatever we want now. Or, we would be. But Tom Nook is very manipulative. Our house is kind of small after all. Only 4×4, it’s barely enough room to stretch out properly. If we want, he can make our house bigger. For a cost of course.

In the end, we were foolish enough to continue the cycle of debt. And it looks like we’re not alone. A new house seems to have appeared overnight immediately next to our own. A bird named Anchovy is the newest victim of Tom Nook’s perpetual debt. At least they seem to be a little better off than we were. They actually have stuff they brought with them, though they haven’t had time to unpack yet. Sadly, it seems they were lured here with promises of food, which this town seriously lacks. There are cherry trees, and fish. I hope you like those options.

The futility of our situation settling in, we call it an early night. The next morning, we thankfully don’t have anyone waiting outside for us, but we do have some mail. Looks like the HRA showed up in the middle of the night to judge our house. We scored 306 points. I have no idea what the scale is, so I have no way of knowing how good or bad that is. From the sounds of the letter, it’s not a very good score.

Now that I think about it, Nook was supposed to expand our house last night. Not sure how he did major building construction with us still sleeping in the house, or how he did it all in one night, but it looks like he did. Our tiny 4×4 room is now a slightly bigger, but still rather tiny 6×6 room. It’s still not much, but we can move around a little bit now.

I’m afraid to even ask, but how much is this going to cost us? Tom Nook crunches the numbers, and it comes to 120,000 bells! That’s six times what the initial house cost! Where did that cost come from? It’s not six times bigger, it’s only a little over twice the size! I feel scammed.

Nothing we can really do about it now, we already agreed to this. All we can do is make money however we can. Thankfully, Nook finally has a bug net, which opens up another option for making money. In general, I feel bugs sell for less than fish. But there’s only so much fishing you can do before you go a bit crazy.

Catching bugs is pretty straight forward. It basically boils down to see a bug, swing the net at them. You’ll have to chase after things like butterflies and grasshoppers if you want to catch them. Likewise, you’ll have to creep up on bugs resting on trees, so you don’t scare them away. But there isn’t anything too complex to the mechanic, just swing the net.

Just like with the fish, bugs can be donated to the museum. Blather’s is happy to expand the exhibits but is a bit squeamish of bugs themselves. Despite his distaste for bugs, he is still an expert and will happily tell us an interesting fact about whatever insects we donate. For example, our little Monarch butterfly got its name because the orange color reminded people of the King of England, William of Orange.

And that’s pretty much it. You go fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting to make money to pay off your debt. Then you expand your house, get new debt, and go fishing, bug catching and fossil hunting to make money to pay off that debt. So on and so on forever. Slowly the town will expand. More people will move in, Nook’s will get a larger building with more selections. During holidays there are special events to celebrate. Ultimately, it’s a simple life simulator. There’s no major narrative. There’s no combat or any real danger of any kind. You’re just enjoying your simple life in a small village, doing whatever it is that makes you happy.


Price – $26.94

That’s about what I expected for this game. It wasn’t exactly rare, so that’s a nice average price for a DS game.

Play Again? – Kind of?

The thing about this game is, in a world where I own New Horizons, there isn’t much reason to go back to Wild World. Don’t get me wrong, Wild World is fun, and very replayable. But New Horizons is just so much better, AND also portable thanks to the switch. So there really isn’t much incentive to come back to this one. If New Horizons didn’t exist, or I didn’t own it, absolutely I would come back to this one. They’re the same basic game.

Total Deaths – 0 Deaths

If you manage to die playing Animal Crossing, you’re playing the wrong game, or in some kind of Creepypasta. The closest you come to death is when either a tarantula or scorpion attacks you. Even then you don’t die, you just pass out and wake up in front of your home. But I didn’t encounter either of them in my little playthrough. If I remember right, they’re more of summer insects. I don’t think they’re out this late in the year.

Fun Rating – 8 / 10

It’s really hard not to compare this game to New Horizons. They’re the same basic game, but New Horizons added so many great features. Still, it IS the same basic game, and that game is very fun. I will admit that, personally, I do get bored with games like this that have no specific goal or ending. But I have played every entry in the Animal Crossing series because, during the time they hold my attention, they are a wonderful relaxing experience. At least, they’re supposed to be. If you want to play into the weirdness, you can just as easily end up with manipulative tanuki overlords and crazy stalkers. Whatever makes the experience more fun for you.

Mint, don’t make me get a restraining order!!


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