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Paperboy is a classic game that everyone should have played at least once. It’s a fun game where even if you’re not very good at it, you can still enjoy what you do experience.

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I’ve never played Paperboy 2, and I’m not sure where it can improve upon the original other than a graphical face lift. That’s not a bad thing really, the original game was amazing, and better graphics could only improve on an already winning formula.


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Like I thought, the gameplay hasn’t changed much from the original. You play as a paperboy on his bike trying to deliver newspapers to everyone on your route. You throw the papers from your bike and need to get them into the mailbox, or land on the doorstep.

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That on its own is a pretty boring game, who would want to play a work simulator. The fun comes from all the environmental elements, nearly everything in interactable. There’s the obvious choice to be able to break the windows of the houses, but you can be more sinister than that. You could knock an old couple off their bench, or hit the car jack, and let the car drop on some poor neighbor.

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There are a huge number of obstacles standing in your way though. There are the normal things you would expect, like dogs chasing after you, and cars driven by people who clearly don’t mind killing a kid on his bike. But there are also the insane, like ghosts, sewer mutants, and run away babies.

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Some of the houses themselves pose an immediate danger to you as well. Demonic gargoyles will shoot fireballs at you while you ride by. Or this very confused and misplaced castle will shoot cannon balls at you from behind its moat and draw bridge.

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Survive your route, and be treated to a bonus round obstacle course. Try to hit the targets for the high score. Then start the route again the next day while compiling your hazardous working conditions lawsuit.


This is a wonderful game, and a perfect addition to anyone’s game library. It’s not the type of game you could get lost in, but it’s the perfect type of game for those quick breaks from reality. You can play it seriously and try to be the best paperboy ever, or you could just wreak havoc attacking everything just to see what happens. Find a copy for yourself and you won’t be disappointed.

Price – $12

Fun Rating – 8 / 10

Play Again? Of course I’ll play it again. I may never complete it, since I’m terrible at it, but it’s a fun arcade style game to just pick up and play every now and then.

Total Deaths 25 deaths. Yeah, I’m not very good at this game at all.

Paperboy 2 - 13

I don’t care. I don’t need a job THAT bad


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