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I know this is based on an old TV game show, but I don’t recall having ever actually watched it. From the looks of it, it seems similar to a game of Pictionary. You’re probably given a simple item to draw, and the other person or computer has to guess what it is based on your drawing.

I’m not sure how this is going to work out. My drawing ability already isn’t all that great, so trying to draw with the D-pad is just a disaster waiting to happen. If the computer manages to interpret my scribbles, I would be more than impressed. Actually I’d be very impressed if a modern computer could do that. That’s a very abstract idea for a computer to try to understand. For an NES game to do that honestly seems impossible.


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Before you start the game, you are presented with an options screen to set up your teams, the difficulty, and the drawing style. If you want to draw the pictures yourself, you need a second controller, which I didn’t have nearby, so I just let the computer do all the drawing.

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The game does make me feel a little better about my drawing ability.

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Socks and um… Foam? … Hair? …What the hell is that?


The images it draws range from obvious to what the hell is that? Some of the more confusing drawings actually made the game more fun. It gets boring quick when you identify the picture within seconds, but the confusing ones let you laugh at the bad drawing just like you would if you were playing with a friend who can’t draw well.

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It’s a jackal! Jackal? It’s a jackal! Jackal! Jackal?


I played around with the practice drawing for a little bit too. It was actually fairly responsive, like a big etch-a-sketch. It doesn’t help that I’m not a good artist to begin with, but it was still fun to play around with.


This was actually a very fun game. Not something you would get addicted to and play every day, but something you would pop in every now and then for a quick laugh. It might be more fun to actually play it with friends instead of by yourself, but if you have friends over, you might as well play real Pictionary instead.

Still, for $6 it’s well worth the price and will make a fun addition to anyone library.

Price – $6

Fun Rating – 7 / 10

Play Again? – On occasion, yes

Total Deaths – 0 (I would hope few people die during game shows)

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