Pac-Man 2 – Part 2

Welcome to Part 2

PacMan2 (54)PacMan2 (55)






Let’s go on another adventure Pac-Man! This time, the ghosts have stolen Pac-Jr’s Guitar for some reason. We can’t have that!

PacMan2 (56)

It’s time to chase those ghosts into town and find new ways to die.

PacMan2 (57)PacMan2 (58)






How about some hotdog with that ketchup

death count: 50

Like death by hotdog vender…

PacMan2 (59)PacMan2 (60)






I’m melting!!!

death count: 51

Or death by …water…puddle…really?

PacMan2 (61)PacMan2 (62)






Oh look, a busted fire hydrant. Let’s see how this kills Pac-Man. Or he could wrap it in tape. That works too.

PacMan2 (63)Into the sewers we go. Ghosts hide in the sewers right?

PacMan2 (64)PacMan2 (65)






Or maybe they’re in this factory…

PacMan2 (66)

death count: 52

With its death claws…

PacMan2 (67)

death count: 54

And death whatever that is that turns me into a ghost…


PacMan2 (69)OH! The ghosts are here. But they don’t have the guitar…

PacMan2 (70)And now we’re outside again and have no idea what to do. So let’s go exploring. START THE DEATH COUNTER!!

PacMan2 (71)PacMan2 (72)







death count: 56

Death by cat attacks…

PacMan2 (73)PacMan2 (74)






Stick the landing

death count: 58

Death by zip lining into a wall…

PacMan2 (75)PacMan2 (76)






death count: 60

Death by poorly constructed building…

PacMan2 (77)PacMan2 (78)






It’s dangerous to explore strange holes…that sounds wrong…

 Death count: 62

Mugged by sewer bandits…

PacMan2 (79)PacMan2 (80)






Stop playing with yourself Pac-Man…

Oh look, they have an arcade with the original Pac-Man.

PacMan2 (81)*Eye of the Tiger*

An hour of exploring and dying and a quick google search later, and I finally know what I have to do. I have to get Pac-Man really mad, then go to the factory gate. Only then will this guard appear.

PacMan2 (82)But that guard is actually the ghosts in disguise. AND THEY HAVE THE GUITAR!!

PacMan2 (83)Time for Pac-Man to change into… SUPER PAC-MAN!!!

PacMan2 (84)PacMan2 (85)






death count: 64

With the guitar recovered, we can return home to find out Pac-Jr is in love with Lucy…. The human girl Lucy… No. Just no. Also why did Pac-Man risk his life hang gliding on Death Mountain if Pac-Jr is the one that cares about her? You go out there and die on Death Mountain, Pac-Jr!!

PacMan2 (86)WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!

PacMan2 (87)PacMan2 (88)






It’s the beginning of the final adventure. And I finally know who she is, the ghost witch. Now I must stop her evil plan of…

PacMan2 (89)PacMan2 (90)






Are they ghosts or gum monsters?

Stealing ABC Gum…ABC gum…that’s what we’ve been building up for?

PacMan2 (91)Well, let’s finish this. They’re hiding in the factory in town. But to get in, I need 3 card keys from the ghosts. But where are they?

PacMan2 (92)That garbage can with eyes looks kind of suspicious….

PacMan2 (93)PacMan2 (94)






And it was a pack of ghosts. Got the first card and off to a good start.

PacMan2 (95)Don’t know what this is, but Pac-Man insists on riding in it to the roof.

PacMan2 (96)PacMan2 (97)






And lucky me, we have our second set of ghosts, and our second key. Just one more to go.

PacMan2 (98)PacMan2 (99)






I think I see them! More ghosts… but no key…what? Where is it? Maybe there is another one somewhere…

PacMan2 (100)

I know the feeling Pac-man

Nothing this time either. WHAT THE HECK?!

PacMan2 (101)Return to Death Mountain

I know, by which I really mean google knows, they must be in the mountain. Not in town at all. That’s just perfect logic for them to be in the mountain.

PacMan2 (102)OH NO! This mine cart looks a lot like the hang glider mini game…


It is, and I continue to die many times.

PacMan2 (103)

death count: 72

From bad timing…

PacMan2 (104)

death count: 75

To wrong buttons…

PacMan2 (105)

death count: 78

And those stupid ghosts…

PacMan2 (106)Not quite as bad as the hang gliding. Maybe I’m getting better. We reach the goal, and what do you know, a box with eyes.

PacMan2 (107)PacMan2 (108)






Another group of ghosts and the final key.

PacMan2 (109)PacMan2 (110)






Off to the Factory to fight the Gum Monster.

PacMan2 (111)

death count: 82


PacMan2 (112)PacMan2 (113)






VICTORY!!! Pac-Man has defeated the evil witch and saved the town’s gum.

PacMan2 (114)PacMan2 (115)






Good Job Pac-Man!


Now I’ll give an honest review of the game. First off, I’ve been judging this game harshly the whole time because it’s just so different from the original Pac-Man game. That isn’t fair. I shouldn’t judge it for not being what I want and expect it to be. So I’m going to try to judge it on what it is. A point and click adventure game. I generally like point and click games, but this one suffers from a lot of gimmicky problems. Not being able to control Pac-Man directly meant he would get into trouble without me telling him to or being able to stop him, such as with the skateboard incident right at the beginning. Also, the way his mood affects not only how he interacts with certain things, but what he can interact with, made some of the puzzles not just hard to solve, but non intuitive and illogical. As much as I hate it, I was forced to use a walkthrough on a few occasions because I just couldn’t figure out what I was expected to do next.

That’s not to say it wasn’t a good game though. The graphics are very good for an SNES game. Pac-Man especially is very expressive, with many different, sometimes comical faces he makes. You could interact with many parts of the environment, and everything was fun to click on, just to see what it would do. The sound and music were nothing special, but they did their job well. Then there is the original control scheme of indirect interaction. While frustrating at times, was also an interesting new way of playing a game.

Over all, I enjoyed this game. It was comical and fun to play. Once you get used to how Pac-Man reacts to you, it’s not that hard to control him. It was still a fairly hard game of trial and error, but it was a fun game. I would recommend at least giving it a try before you brush it off entirely.


Score: 7 / 10

Final Death Count: 84 Deaths


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