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The Adventures of Mighty Max (Genesis)

The Adventures of Mighty Max (Genesis) - Full Cover


I remember loving the Mighty Max series growing up. Sure it was just another one of the many glorified marketing campaigns for the newest line of toys, but so were a lot of good things from the late 80’s – early 90’s. I even remember owning a bunch of the toys and they were my favorite toys ever at the time, even if they were basically Polly Pocket for boys. That is until my older brother sold them on me at a garage sale. It was at that moment that I simply dropped all interest in the series, because some wounds just never heal. read more

Golden Axe (Genesis)

Golden Axe Cover


I may never have actually played Golden Axe before, but it’s a game that I’ve always been aware of through reputation. It’s held in high regard as one of the greatest hack n slash games of the generation. Personally I love these arcade hack n slash and beat em up games. I grew up playing the Simpsons and TMNT arcade games and they have always been my favorite games. It’s kind of a shame that I never really acquired many good hack n slash games growing up.

Golden Axe (Genesis) - 01

Anyway, I’m really looking forward to playing this game. The genesis was practically made to play arcade ports, so I’m hoping to get that same arcade feel with this game. I love that feeling of just plowing though wave after wave of grunts until some towering boss appears at the end. It’s an amazing feeling and I wish I could afford to buy real arcade cabinets. read more

Hard Drivin’ (Genesis)

Hard Drivin' Box Art


Hard Drivin' (Genesis) - 01

Lies! Every word of it!!!

I have only a very vague memory of this game from my childhood. I remember being blown away by 3d graphics, crashing into things for a cool instant replay, and driving my car around an awesome loop. Considering the age, I have a feeling I won’t be quite as impressed with the graphics anymore. But let’s see how it holds up after all these years.


Hard Drivin' (Genesis) - 02 Hard Drivin' (Genesis) - 03

WHERE DID IT ALL GO?! Where are the graphics?! Where is the sound?! Where is the gameplay?! Where is anything?! Is this really the same game I remember from back then? Was I really so stupid back then to think this was a good game? The graphics ARE in 3d, but even for the time they feel unfinished. Everything is just so under detailed it’s almost impressive the balls they had to release this as a finished game. The cars are solid colored blocks vaguely resembling a vehicle, the road is alternating patterns of grey, and the “grass” is a solid flat green. The only real detail is in the mountain way off in the distance. read more

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