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Earthbound – Day 57

–Day 57–

Thanks to Apple Kid’s quick work making the Eraser Eraser Machine, we can finally get rid of the Eraser Statue blocking our path. However, the tunnels are swarming with alien monsters. This is definitely going to be a tough challenge to get everyone back.

The most common enemies we seem to encounter are the Mook Seniors. These guys need to be defeated as quickly as possible or their PK Thunder attacks will cause some serious harm to the party. However, the bigger threat is the Starmen, the agents of Giygas. We haven’t seen these guys since the beginning of the game, so seeing them here means we must be getting close to Giygas himself. read more

Earthbound – Day 56

–Day 56–

We’re still in this mysterious cave in Dalaam, having just fallen through a hole in the upper floors. This leaves us in a small isolated area with a present and yet another hole to drop though. Of course, dropping through this hole puts us right on top of a small group of monsters and straight into a fight.

After defeating the monsters, we’re left with a decision, continue falling down the holes or go exploring instead. I’m glad I chose the latter as we quickly discover this to actually be our sixth My Sanctuary Location. In a way I was hoping for something like this to happen, but I was still caught a little by surprise when it happened. read more

Earthbound – Day 55

–Day 55–

When we last left our group, they were standing outside a mysterious cave at the edge of the Deep Darkness. And, well, I guess that’s where they still are now. So let’s get inside this cave and see what’s in store for us. As always, we instantly expect to find monsters inside caves, but thankfully that’s not the case this time. Instead we find the Tenda Tribe living here. They are a small green…Frog like people? Or possibly some kind of Slime Race?… Either way they are all incredibly shy. read more

Earthbound – Day 54

–Day 54–

It looks like the three of us are going to have to find our way through the Deep Darkness on our own. It doesn’t take long before we discover where it got its name from as well as WHY we needed the Hawk Eye in the first place. Not far from the little monkey village, the whole swamp becomes so dark you can’t see anything. Using the Hawk Eye lets you see through the darkness clear as day.

Unfortunately, some things are best unseen. Apparently the whole swamp is home to dozens of puke monsters that resemble Master Belch. You remember Master Belch right? He was the boss monster we had to fight to free Threek from the zombies. After seeing them we head home to get that Jar of Fly Honey we’ve had in storage, can’t be too careful with those puke monsters roaming around. read more

Earthbound – Day 53

–Day 53–

We continue exploring the second floor of Dungeon Man today. In general it’s not difficult to navigate, and the random signs are still just as fun to read as on the first floor. Who would have thought the dungeon smells like flowers?

Eventually we make it to the rope leading to the third floor, which has a sign both warning us of the monsters ahead while also saying not to worry about them. Sure enough, none of the monsters on the third floor are any threat at all. In fact, it would seem Dungeon Man has sectioned off the third floor to be some kind of zoo for them. read more

Earthbound – Day 52

–Day 52–

Yesterday we learned that the Dungeon Man is somewhere to the northwest of this little oasis. However, as is our custom, we need to thoroughly explore the new area we find ourselves in. Thankfully, this is a very small area and there really isn’t anything to explore here. There are however a lot of UFOs flying around making travel rather difficult.

When we finally do head northwest, we’re a bit surprised by what we see. It’s certainly not the same Brickroad we saw before, but I can’t quite identify it as a dungeon either. Really I can’t call it a tower either, although I guess there does seem to be some kind of castle on its head. Either way, we use the key and get to walk inside of it. read more

Earthbound – Day 51

–Day 51–

I know I said we were going to head back to town, but while gathering pictures for yesterday’s post, I noticed something I didn’t see while I was actually playing. On the left wall of the sarcophagus chamber, there are actually two different openings. One of them is the way we came in, so where does the other one go? We just had to find out before heading back to town. I was actually kind of surprised to see a set up stairs leading up and to the left. I had thought we were already at the top of the pyramid. So either we’re only somewhere in the middle, or this is one very weird shaped pyramid and we just didn’t notice from the angle we were looking at it. read more

Earthbound – Day 50

–Day 50–

With the picture of the Hieroglyph in hand, the Sphinx finally talks to us. We press the buttons in the simple star pattern shown to us before and the Sphinx acknowledges us as warriors fit to enter the Pyramid. He also gives us the advice to search for the Hawk Eye, which the Hieroglyph mentioned being essential to defeating the evil invaders.

As would be expected of a Pyramid, we are almost immediately attacked by a mummy when we enter.  At least I’m guessing it’s a mummy, with a name like “The Fierce Shattered Man” I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at. These guys are nearly identical to the ones we already fought back on the second floor of the Museum, just a little stronger. Still not a huge threat though. read more

Earthbound – Day 49

–Day 49–

We once again dive into the sewers of Fourside in search of this Monster Rat which Mr. Spoon mentioned seeing. However, we aren’t having much luck. The closest we’ve found so far are a handful of Deadly Mice. Yes, they’re rodents, but they’re not quite the type we’re looking for.

At the very least we can take some comfort in the fact that we get to walk along the platform instead of actually IN the sewage. Sadly, that small comfort is also soon taken from us. With heavy barrels blocking the path, we are given no alternative other than to step down into the waters and trudge along hoping not to get any in our mouths. read more

Earthbound – Day 48

–Day 48–

After getting the hint yesterday, we head back to Summers for a quick revisit to the Museum. Just like last time, the guard originally starts to send us away, claiming the second floor is being remodeled. But after seeing Poo, he quickly changes his attitude. Poo unfortunately has to hand over the gem his is carrying before the guard will let us check out the next room.

Inside, they do have a rather large stone slab with Hieroglyphs written on it. The guard starts bragging about what a great experience this must be for us. He also mentions that a rich kid, no doubt Porky again, came by recently and also took pictures of the Hieroglyphs. So these must be very important to us, but more importantly, how is Porky always one step ahead of us? We have a party of four and we’re struggling along. How is he alone getting by as well as he is? He was useless when he was in our party back at the beginning of the game. read more

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