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Earthbound – Day 18

–Day 18–

And so, our journey South is truly underway. Unfortunately for us, Jeff starts out incredibly weak at level 1. Doubly unfortunate for us is our first enemy encounter outside the school. Instead of running into a weak enemy like a spiteful crow, we end up running for our lives from a Gruff Goat. These happen to be the strongest enemies in the area, and this one nearly ends our adventure before it even begins.

I really have to be thankful for all those cookies I stole earlier, they really helped us right now. But what really saved us was the fact that Jeff was carrying around a Big Bottle Rocket in his pocket… That sounds wrong… Anyway, this did massive damage to the Gruff Goat and we survived to fight another day. We also managed to level up all the way to level 3 instantly from this one fight. read more

Earthbound – Day 17

–Day 17–

After yesterday, there actually isn’t a whole lot more to explore in this town. There are however two mysteries that stand out. First, there is apparently a Suspicious Woman walking around that has been seen with the zombies. And second, there is apparently a secret way out of town through the Graveyard.

The Graveyard is actually a pretty big area, so it’s a bit hard to choose where to search first. However, one oddity stood out to me, a lone tombstone outside the fenced areas at the end of a walkway. It just screamed secret tunnel. Instead what I got was YET ANOTHER photo-op for the mysterious cameraman. read more

Earthbound – Day 16

–Day 16–

Our exploration of Threek doesn’t get off to a good start. As soon as we set food outside the hotel in the morning, we were almost instantly attacked by a pair of haunted marionette puppets. With Paula still as weak as she is, there was just no way for her to hold her own against Smilin’ Sam and Handsome Tom.

This simply won’t do. We need to train Paula quickly if we intend to make any progress. It took some time, but we managed to find some enemies that even Paula could survive against, the No Good Fly. These little guys aren’t very common, but they’re at least weak enough that Paula survives the battle. Right now, that’s all we can really hope for to get her some much needed experience. read more

Laptop Update

I have a nice update for anyone that cares. I finally got my new laptop. It’s going to take me a little while to recover all my lost files from my old hard drive. Then I have to reinstall all my programs. And, well, all the other stuff that comes with getting a new laptop. So right now I’m planning to be back to writing my articles not next week, but the week after. So everyone look forward to the next installments of Earthbound!

Bad News Everyone

It looks like we’re going to have to take a short break from the articles. Unfortunately, my laptop died last night. I’m looking at getting it fixed or replaced, but until then I’m a bit stuck and i lost a couple partially finished posts. Hopefully we’ll be back up and running soon.

On an ironic note, my laptop died while i was web surfing for a new laptop. I think it killed itself out of jealousy…

Earthbound – Day 15

–Day 15–

Paula is now officially a member of my party, but before we head off on our adventures we need to stop by Everdred’s house and tell him she’s fine. It looks like he’s already heard the news as well, since he sent someone to the school to find us.

It turns out Everdred was going to ask us to be his partners, but he already knows we would refuse him. He was even going to offer us a lot of money if we accepted. After second guessing himself, he realizes he shouldn’t keep the money anyways and gives it to us to help in our journey. read more

Earthbound – Day 14

–Day 14–

So last time we got a little lippy with Mr. Carpainter and he shot lighting at us. This time we’re going to take a slightly different approach and just pretend to go along with his plan. Getting through the swarm of Cultists is a bit easier this time, now that we know who will and will not move for us. Now let’s see what Mr. Carpainter has to say this time.

Apparently there is no right answer to this question. Answering yes just prompts him to gloat about catching me in his trap. Then he once again strikes us with lightning and teleports us outside. Looks like I might actually need to rescue Paula first to deal with him. read more

Earthbound – Day 13

–Day 13–

Now that we’ve finally made it to the Happy Happy Village, it’s time to look for Paula. But first we need to explore the town and gather some information. In general, it’s a nice enough little town with only a few buildings and a small handful of residents.

It doesn’t seem to have an official Hotel or Hospital or anything like that. But there is a house where you can spend the night, as well as a doctor working out of his own house. In addition, the town also has a drug store with some decent equipment. read more

Earthbound – Day 12

–Day 12–

Well, it took us longer than it should have, but we finally have everything we need to get past the Iron Pencil Statue. With that out of the way, we can finally travel deeper into Grateful Dead Valley and hopefully save Paula.

Before we really even start exploring the second half of the Valley, the photographer once again shows up to take our picture. Where does he come from? Where does he go? Why does he insist on taking my picture? We may never know!

Anyway, as is to be expected, Grateful Dead Valley is a bit of a maze to get through. Nothing too complicated of course. But the increasingly difficult enemies beyond the Iron Pencil Statue make it a bit tough. The Valley is already known for its UFO enemies, so the new Spinning Robo enemies aren’t anything out of the ordinary. They’re a bit stronger than the Li’l UFOs we’ve already faced, but not by much. read more

Earthbound – Day 11

–Day 11–

What else could I possibly do right now that would help me get past that iron pencil statue? For quite some time I was simply wandering around town just talking to and retalking to every person I could find. Someone must know something that will help.

Sadly, talking to everyone I could find brought about no new information. Maybe I’m supposed to clear all the ghosts out of the tunnel myself first so we can get help from the next town over. I was honestly surprised to find out that you can’t fight the ghosts in the tunnel. But unfortunately, that wasn’t what we needed to do right now either. After making it most of the way through the tunnel the ghosts simply teleported Ness back to the beginning, just like they did with the bus. read more

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