Earthbound – Day 15

–Day 15–

Paula is now officially a member of my party, but before we head off on our adventures we need to stop by Everdred’s house and tell him she’s fine. It looks like he’s already heard the news as well, since he sent someone to the school to find us.

It turns out Everdred was going to ask us to be his partners, but he already knows we would refuse him. He was even going to offer us a lot of money if we accepted. After second guessing himself, he realizes he shouldn’t keep the money anyways and gives it to us to help in our journey.

He hands over a sizable $10,000 and tells us to spend it on whatever we want. He also mentions wanting to find the golden statue for himself. That can’t be a good sign. But hey, we got $10,000, let’s leave before he changes his mind.

Unfortunately for us, there was a bit of a catch to the $10,000 he handed us. It’s not actually money in our pockets. Instead it shows up as an item. Of course, that means we can’t actually keep or use this money. But who needs $10,000 right now?

Of course! The Runaway Brothers are in financial trouble, aren’t they? We never did get to see one of their shows either did we? As it turns out, they seem to have a soft spot for Paula, and they hand us some free back stage passes to see their show tonight.

Then again with the photographer! He’s just popping up everywhere lately! WHAT DO YOU WANT WITH ME?! STOP STALKING ME!!!

Anyway, we use the backstage pass to gain access to the show. Inside the club there are quite a few people seated at tables all waiting to see the show. There are fans, a couple on a date, and even some business men trying to win over a client.

And then there’s this girl who is clearly just a groupie. As soon as she sees our back stage pass, she forces herself into our party and practically drags us back stage to see the band. I’m sure she only has one thing on her mind, if you know what I mean.

Talking with the band, we find out that my previous hunch was right. The brothers happen to be EXACTLY $10,000 in debt. So it looks like we’re going to have to give up that wad of money we just got. I really wanted to buy that seaside cottage back in Onett. Oh well, I’ll make enough money someday.

Well, if we’re going to be paying off their $10,000 debt, we can at least watch the show first. It was a fun little show they performed. There weren’t any lyrics or anything, which was kind of disappointing, but they did a little dance which I guess is going to have to be worth $10,000 to me.

After the show, we head off to talk to their manager and pay off their debt. Goodbye money. The manager seems kind of upset that his star act is free to leave now, but he has no regrets now that he has the money. He probably should have SOME regrets though. $10,000 isn’t going to last long, especially now that he doesn’t even have an act anymore.

After paying off their debt, the whole band shows up to both thank us, and say their farewells to their former manager. All things considered, that was a lot more pleasant that it could have been.

Outside, the whole band is packing up into their tour bus. To show their gratitude, they even offer to give us a lift to Threek. I hope that actually works. The ghosts in the tunnel just turned around the last bus I tried to take.

These guys aren’t the best drivers either. As they drive up onto the sidewalk, I’m a bit scared that I may have made a mistake getting on board. However, their loud music was enough to drive away the ghosts and actually make it through the tunnel.

Now that we’ve made it to Threek, I think I’m regretting that bus ride even more. The whole town has a dark aura about it, and the band is just kind of leaving us here on the side of the road. What have we gotten ourselves into now?

Either way, the town of Threek has a lot for us to explore, and explore we shall. The Runaway Brothers dropped us off towards the bottom of town, so I guess we’ll just start from the bottom and work our way up.

The field to the south of town was our first stop, and it seems to be just filled with caged trailers. The kind you would typically see at a circus. Unfortunately, the field is also full of Zombie Dogs. These guys might be small, and not look like much of a threat, but remember, Paula is still very low level at this point. With her low stats, these Zombie Dogs end up killing her.

With Paula dead, and Ness poisoned, we really need to head to a hospital. I guess we should be grateful that we know where it is. The Band dropped us off right in front of it. Almost like they knew we would need it. So a quick patch job later and everyone is back to normal.

I really should have trained Paula a bit more before coming here. Unfortunately, the ghosts in the tunnel prevent us from heading back to Twoson to fight weaker enemies. We’re just going to have to stay here for now and be extra cautious as we explore and level grind.

So join me next time and we do our best not to die. See you then!