Earthbound – Day 16

–Day 16–

Our exploration of Threek doesn’t get off to a good start. As soon as we set food outside the hotel in the morning, we were almost instantly attacked by a pair of haunted marionette puppets. With Paula still as weak as she is, there was just no way for her to hold her own against Smilin’ Sam and Handsome Tom.

This simply won’t do. We need to train Paula quickly if we intend to make any progress. It took some time, but we managed to find some enemies that even Paula could survive against, the No Good Fly. These little guys aren’t very common, but they’re at least weak enough that Paula survives the battle. Right now, that’s all we can really hope for to get her some much needed experience.

Death Count: 3

Slowly, and very cautiously, we train Paula up to a decent level. It took a lot of effort, and we both died at one point, but Paula eventually made it up to level 12. That’s still not great, but it’s a lot better than before. At least now she doesn’t die instantly in each battle.

Today was mostly spent training, but we did manage to explore the town a little and pick up some useful information. Apparently, the terrible situation in town can be traced back to the Zombie Relief Corps, led by a monster named Belch.

It would seem the Zombie Relief Corps is using the circus tent in the center of town as their main base of operations. As much as I want to clear the town of their zombie problems, I’m sure Paula simply isn’t up to the task yet, and we’re going to need some more training.

We also hear word that there might be a safe path somewhere in the cemetery to the north of town. Combine that with Paula’s knowledge of another friend in town, as well as the strange texted house from back in the Happy Happy village, I think that might be the path we want to take first. If we can get a third member in the party, we might just stand a chance.

That search is going to have to wait till next time though. So join me as we explore the cemetery and try to find another friend.