Earthbound – Day 20

–Day 20–

Now that we’ve had some time to sleep on our problem, we find out that escape is easier than we ever thought. Now that Jeff has crash landed into our little prison, it would seem we’re all trapped. However, Jeff still has his “Bad Key Machine” which is capable of unlocking any door, including our current prison door.

Once free, we find ourselves in a small underground passage, but it doesn’t take us long to find our way back to the surface. After escaping we get a chance to see the damage Jeff actually did with his crash landing. He punched a rather large hole right through the ground. I’m pretty sure the monsters are going to notice that.

With three people in the party now, we’re going to have a much easier time of things around here. Or at least that’s what I would like to say. Sadly, Paula and Jeff are still much too low level to truly be of any help. They’re both equipped with the best gear available in Threek, but it’s still a challenge to keep them both consistently alive.

With that in mind, we have to do some serious power leveling before we even attempt to move forward with the story. It took some time, and was rather difficult, but we managed to get both of them up to a respectable level. Now we have Ness leading the team at Level 24, followed by Jeff at Level 19, and Paula trailing behind slightly at Level 18. We would most certainly benefit from some additional level grinding, but I think this will do for now.

Join us next time when we start our attempt to rid the town of its Zombie Plague!