Earthbound – Day 23

–Day 23–

I’ll admit, yesterday’s death was quite the set back. It took quite some time for us to make it all the way through the cave again and out the other side. However, with Mini Barf already defeated it was considerably easier this time around. Still rather time consuming, but easier. We were also in luck outside the cave as the density of monsters felt significantly less this time around.

The second cave was much shorter than the first, and nearly devoid of monsters. In fact, there was only a single Violent Roach in the whole cave system. This was of course a welcome surprise for a change. Once through the cave, we finally arrive in Saturn Village and get to meet the whole village full of Mr. Saturn, the unofficial mascots of the series. These guys are basically just heads with feet, and they speak with a unique font that is admittedly a bit difficult to read at times. We’ve actually encountered this font once already, back in the Happy Happy Village. I guess one of them moved out of town.

There isn’t much to explore in this little town. On the left there is a small hut where we are allowed to rest. Then on the right there is a doctor who for some reason lives in a garbage can. And that’s pretty much the whole tour of the main town.

Passing through another small cave at the back of town we do also find a shop at the top of the hill. They have a few interesting things to buy, but most curious to me is the “Horn of Life”. It’s annoying that you can’t examine items before purchase, but in this case the name was enough to know exactly what it did. This is finally an item to revive a fallen team mate. The $1780 price tag makes it a bit impractical at the moment for extended use, but I think it would always be a good idea to keep one on hand.

By talking with the various Mr. Saturn around town, we start to piece together what has been going on around here. For starters, the Mr. Saturn have slowly been dwindling in numbers and it’s really bumming out the ones that remain.

Thankfully, they know where they all are. It would seem they’re being held captive behind the waterfall. On top of that, I can only assume that “Bad Stink” is referring to Belch, the very monster we’ve been looking for. Now we’re just doubly motivated to stop him. We need to rid Threek of zombies and now we need to rescue all of the Mr. Saturn too.

I’ll admit, I haven’t seen a waterfall yet, but I’m sure it won’t be hard to find. That however will have to wait for next time. Join us then as we finally infiltrate Belch’s base and free the people of Threek and now the captured Mr. Saturn.