Earthbound – Day 24

–Day 24–

With our target set, we leave Saturn Valley and head for the waterfall. Of course, such an occasion is bound to be perfect for yet another photo-op. We must always remember that time we walked behind the waterfall. I hope I get an actual photo album of all these pictures when this is all done.

Unfortunately, we run into a bit of a snag. We may have found the entrance, but it seems like there is a guard of some kind that is waiting for a password, which we don’t have. I guess we’ll have to head back to Saturn Valley and see if anyone knows what we’re supposed to do. I thought I already talked to everyone, but it’s hard to tell since they all look alike.

After talking to all the Mr. Saturn, we finally find one that we must have missed before. He tells me the secret password to get behind the falls. He also tells me I have to say the password and then wait 3 minutes before I can go in. I hope that’s just a figure of speech. They can’t really expect me to just stand there for 3 real minutes do they?

Why would I have expected anything else from this game? Of course they meant stand still for 3 minutes real time. This was honestly the most excruciating 3 minutes of my life. There’s no real indication that anything is going to happen. I can’t even see my characters. Is anything happening? Did I do something wrong? Am I waiting around for nothing? These questions made this pure torture.

After the longest 3 minutes of my life, we’re finally allowed inside Belch’s Base. It’s actually a lot more industrial than I ever would have expected. I’m also saddened to see a couple of Mr. Saturn chained to an assembly line making something for Belch. It almost looks like they might be making some kind of canned food. Don’t worry little guys, we’ll save you.

There’s a lot to explore in this factory, and of course a lot of enemies, but my favorite has to be the Foppy. These little red ball creatures typically appear in large groups, are very easy to kill, and give a great amount of experience. They’re one of the best enemies I’ve seen so far for level grinding, not that I really need to right now.

On the other hand, there are also a good number of Slimy Little Piles running around. These guys are nearly identical to Mini Puke we fought the other day, except colored green instead of pink. They’re not particularly difficult under normal circumstances, but their stinky breath makes them more annoying than they should be. They can also call for help which just makes your problem that much worse.

Anyway, while exploring I found a room with a Magic Butterfly inside. It respawns every time we reenter the room, so we can completely restore everyone’s PP this way. Now that we’re all healed and in a safe room, I think it’s about time to stop for today. We’ll be nice and rested for tomorrow when we face Belch.

So join me tomorrow as we face off against Belch, save the town of Threek, and rescue all the Mr. Saturn.