Earthbound – Day 25

–Day 25–

I’m almost positive Belch is over to the left, so before that I want to finish exploring the rest of the building. There really isn’t much left to see, just a few zombies and a couple of trashcans. Even so, I’m still happy to fully explore the building first.

Now that I’m satisfied, it’s time to head over a face Belch. He’s quite easy to find, just follow the massive puddles of puke scattered all across the floor. They’ll lead you right to him. It looks like he has also been expecting our encounter. He even goes so far as to address us by name.

I believe one of the people back in Threek mentioned it, but Belch confirms that he is in fact working for Giygas. Belch also informs us of a prophecy that a young boy will eventually destroy Giygas. Assuming we must be that boy, Belch sets out to defeat us before that prophecy can be fulfilled.

Similar to the Slimy Little Piles, Belch also has a Nauseating Breath attack. However, Belch’s is far worse. Instead of making everyone cry, Belch’s breath actually poisons whoever is unfortunate enough to breathe it in. Other than that, Belch isn’t particularly remarkable. It also helps that Paula’s PK Freeze attacks also freeze him solid, preventing him from even moving.

Unfortunately, the battle wages on far longer than it feels like it should have. Paula and Ness both end up depleting their entire supply of PP, preventing any more PSI attacks or healing. To make matters worse, Belch eventually summons a few minions to his side.

With few options left, we start going through all our items in a desperate attempt to still win the battle. We blow up every bomb, shoot off every bottle rocket, eat every sandwich, but nothing seems to work. With few options left, we even throw the Fly Honey at him. He loves it of course, perhaps a little too much. After consuming the fly honey, Belch seems to have lost his mind and no longer attacks us.

Death Count: 5

Unfortunately, this all comes up too little too late. The team simply doesn’t have the energy or resources left to defeat Belch. Between the poison and the attacks, the whole party is eventually defeated. We must have done something wrong in that battle. We did thousands of points of damage to Belch and he just kept going. I can’t easily imagine he would really be THAT much stronger than the normal enemies in the area. There must be some trick that I’m missing.

We’ll have to resupply ourselves back in Saturn Valley and try again tomorrow. Join us then for our rematch against Belch!