Earthbound – Day 26

–Day 26–

So last time, things didn’t go so well for us. But we did learn a few things that might help us this time. For starters, we’re going to use the Fly Honey as soon as the battle starts. That way Belch will be confused the whole battle and things will just be that much easier this time.

Apparently that Fly Honey was the trick the whole time. It only took 2 rounds of battle this time before Belch was defeated. So it wasn’t that we didn’t do enough damage to him last time. He must have had some kind of auto healing ability that is canceled out by the Fly Honey.

After his defeat, Belch informs us that Giygas has taken the Mani Mani statue to Fourside already. It looks like he’s going to start trouble there too now. We always seem to be just one step behind him. But we’ll continue to fight him until the very end.

Now that Belch is gone, we can finally go rescue the Mr. Saturn that have been imprisoned. While heading down the tunnel he was blocking, we even encounter one that managed to escape. But escape from what? As soon as we get through the tunnel, we’ve back in Saturn Valley at a hot spring. Was Belch “Torturing” them with a relaxing hot spring? That monster!

I’m going to call it a day so I can try to process this. I’m not exactly sure what our next step is, but I see another tunnel to the right, so I guess join me tomorrow as we explore that.