Earthbound – Day 28

–Day 28–

It took several attempts, but we finally managed to make it to the My Sanctuary boss with everyone healthy. Now we can claim our third My Sanctuary location. Wait a minute, third? So I really did miss one. There must have been one back in the Happy Happy Village after all. There was that other tunnel I never explored because of how weak Paula was at the time.

We’ll have to backtrack later, but for now we need to take care of the Trillion Year Sprout. Surprisingly, this was a rather uneventful battle. We got some good damage in during the first round with a combo of PK Gaming and PK Fire. After that, the Trillion Year Sprout put up a shield to defend itself against any more PK attacks. It took several more rounds of physical attacks, but it eventually became tame and we could enter the My Sanctuary location.

We enter the My Sanctuary and just like the other location, Ness has a seemingly unrelated feeling by being here. This time, Ness thought he heard his mother telling him to “Be a thoughtful, strong boy…” After this, Ness recorded the Melody of the Milky Well and we’ve accomplished our goal here. But now it looks like we’re going to have to backtrack quite a bit to find the second My Sanctuary.

Upon returning to Threek, the change is instantly apparent. Everything looks so much brighter and happier now than it did before. There’s also a small group of people waiting to thank Ness and team for all their hard work. On top of that, there are a lot more people freely walking around town now. Everything is so much better that it summons the photographer again to capture the moment.

Another benefit is that the tunnels are no longer haunted by ghosts. We’re now free to travel forward to Fourside, or as the case may be, back to Twoson. If we’re going to be back in Twoson anyway, we might as well stop in with Paula’s family and let them know she’s doing ok. Her mother was so happy see us she even made us a pizza.

Anyway, we’re tired from all that travel, so we’re going to stop for today. Join us tomorrow when we head back to Happy Happy Village and hopefully locate the second My Sanctuary location we apparently missed.