Earthbound – Day 29

–Day 29–

The journey through Grateful Dead Valley was relatively painless. Most of the monsters in the area were too scared to fight us and simply ran away. The few that were foolish enough to attempt fighting us were easily stopped thanks to our 3 person party. Before long we arrive at Happy Happy Village, and at the entrance of the cave where I’m sure the second My Sanctuary location is.

As is to be expected, the cave system is a bit of a maze. However, we still benefit from our advanced level while trying to make our way through. None of the enemies put up a substantial fight. Not even the Mighty Bears are much of a threat. In fact, they’re rather cute.

It doesn’t take us long to bulldoze our way through the enemies and make it to the My Sanctuary Boss. I already expected it, but I’m still relieved to see it confirm this to be the second one. Anyway, the boss is the Mondo Mole and unfortunately that’s about all I can tell you about this guy. Thanks to our advanced level and extra party member, the poor thing was defeated in just two turns without every actually attacking.

We proceed through to cave opening to find ourselves at the Lilliput Steps. Here, Ness has another brief vision. This time, he sees a vision of a baby in a red cap, no doubt himself as a baby. I really hope all these visions come together in some meaningful way, because they don’t really mean anything to me yet.

With the location boss defeated, all of the enemies now flee from the party, making the trek back painless. We’re now free to head onto Fourside, but I think there are a few other places I want to check out first since we’re already back tracking. First stop, our lovely coastal cottage. We have more than enough money for it now.

We’re all going to be so happy now! We’re no longer children, we’re home owners. A person’s home is their castle and this home is….A DUMP!!! We’ve been cheated!!! This isn’t a suitable home for anyone to live in. look at it, half the floor is gone, the furniture is destroyed but you sure can enjoy that ocean view through THE ENTIRELY MISSING WALL!!!

To add insult to injury, the photographer shows up again to capture the moment. I object! I don’t want this memory in our photo album. I want to burn this place down and pretend it never happened. COME BACK HERE WITH THAT PICTURE!!!!

I guess we just have to accept the fact that we’ve been cheated. But we can’t stay here, so instead we head up the road back to Ness’ house. His mother makes us all some pizza and we tuck in for the night. After this set back I think we just need some time to ourselves.

Anyway, join us again next time as we probably head back to Threek and ahead to Fourside. See you then!