Earthbound – Day 31

–Day 31–

The search continues for the missing White Sesame Seed, but with very little results. We do encounter a few other things of interest though. There is apparently a small oasis near the center of the desert where a desert monkey lives. He doesn’t really give you anything but he’s fun to see.

While travelling along the road back to the shack to rest and heal, we also come across the Sanchez Brothers and their friend. They are dressed like slot machine wheels and will spin around if you put money into the broken slot machine. I played this a few times, but I never managed to win anything. I’m curious if you really can win something from them or if it’s just for a laugh.

Another very curious find was this little green caterpillar like enemy we found in the desert. As soon as it saw us it ran away, but something told me we should try to catch it. When we did, wasn’t I surprised to see not only an instant victory, but also a HUGE amount of experience from the little guy. I’ll have to try to find more of them.

Towards the right side of the desert, we also find a sign post with a mini quest on it. Apparently someone has lost their contact lenses out here in the desert and is offering a reward for their safe return. Thankfully, they’re right nearby to the sign post, just slightly northeast of it actually. We’ll just hold onto this until we can return it to its owner in Fourside.

After much searching, we FINALLY find the White Sesame Seed. We learn that she’s also worried about the Black Sesame Seed and wants him to know she still loves him. She actually seems a bit relieved when we tell her we’ve already see him and he is doing well.

Before we call it a day, we return to the Black Sesame Seed to relay the message that the White Sesame Seed still loves him. He’s obviously happy to hear the news. So happy in fact that he starts to weep. What a lovely ending to a nice little mini quest.

Well, I’m happy now that we’ve fixed the Black and White Sesame Seeds relationship. There’s only a little bit left of the desert to explore and then we’ll be off to Fourside. So see you again next time.