Earthbound – Day 51

–Day 51–

I know I said we were going to head back to town, but while gathering pictures for yesterday’s post, I noticed something I didn’t see while I was actually playing. On the left wall of the sarcophagus chamber, there are actually two different openings. One of them is the way we came in, so where does the other one go? We just had to find out before heading back to town. I was actually kind of surprised to see a set up stairs leading up and to the left. I had thought we were already at the top of the pyramid. So either we’re only somewhere in the middle, or this is one very weird shaped pyramid and we just didn’t notice from the angle we were looking at it.

Anyway, the path isn’t very long and it ends in a tiny little dead end room full of monsters. It was kind of a disappointment really. That is, until we opened the treasure sarcophagus in the corner and found out it had another Bag of Dragonite inside. I know we haven’t used the other one yet, so we can’t be sure what it does, but it sounds awesome.

Unfortunately, our pockets were all full. That’s easy enough to fix though. Just set out the For Sale Sign and wait for someone to come running to buy off our useless junk. However, something interesting happened when we tried this here in the pyramid. Apparently there are places where normal people can’t find you. After waiting around several minutes for someone to show up, we finally get a call that they simply couldn’t find us and have given up trying.

That’s not a huge problem. We can always simply drop an item instead. So with that we have a second Bag of Dragonite to…most likely leave in storage forever… Maybe we’ll use it in the final battle or something. Anyway, while waiting for a customer to show up, you may have noticed that one of our party members has died. So now we REALLY need to get out of here, and we’re all very thankful that we’ve been carrying around an Exit Mouse this whole time.

Once outside we teleport away back to Onett to get everyone patched up. This serves two purposes. Obviously, we need to head to a hospital to revive everyone. But also, this is where the exit mice live, and since we already used the one we had, we need to pick up another one.

It takes some time, but we eventually make it back to the sarcophagus and finally jump down to see what awaits below. To our surprise, the Hawk Eye is just waiting there on a pedestal ready to be taken. Unfortunately, this still leaves us as the bottom of the pyramid and we’ll have to fight our way back up to the surface.

We soon find ANOTHER hole for us to fall down, which in turn leads to another stairway to climb and even more monsters to fight. Eventually we find out way to the exit. However, it looks like we’ve found our way to a completely different pyramid from the one we originally entered.

It looks like we’ve actually managed to pass under the river and are now in the southern half of Scarabia. Thanks to our earlier exploration, I know there isn’t any way to actually cross the river, so I’m not sure what we’re expected to do over here. However, we’re given very little time to contemplate our situation before an elderly man teleports in front of us.

This man is apparently here for Prince Poo. It would seem he has been waiting for the right moment to teach him the “Technique for making stars rain down”. In order to learn this new ability, Poo is going to have to live far away from everyone else and train.

It sucks that Poo is going to be leaving the party already, but this technique is apparently going to be vital for defeating Giygas. Poo promises he’ll return to us as soon as possible, so for now we have no choice but to trust in him. But that means we’re our party is going to be a man down for a while, and we still don’t really know where we even are.

Just north of the exit pyramid is a small oasis with a couple people standing by. This is where we find our next objective. We finally get an update on Brickroad who has turned himself into the “Dungeon Man”. He’s located to the northwest of our location, and thankfully this person has found the key to enter the tower.

So good, we know where to go now. But that’s it for today. Join us next time as we reunite with our old friend Brickroad, the Dungeon Man! See you then!