Earthbound – Day 53

–Day 53–

We continue exploring the second floor of Dungeon Man today. In general it’s not difficult to navigate, and the random signs are still just as fun to read as on the first floor. Who would have thought the dungeon smells like flowers?

Eventually we make it to the rope leading to the third floor, which has a sign both warning us of the monsters ahead while also saying not to worry about them. Sure enough, none of the monsters on the third floor are any threat at all. In fact, it would seem Dungeon Man has sectioned off the third floor to be some kind of zoo for them.

With no real enemies to fight on the third floor, it takes no time at all to pass through it and up to the top floor. Here we finally get to see what Brickroad has done to himself. With his face sticking out of one of the wall, there’s really no questioning that he has BECOME a Dungeon Man like he always wanted.

Brickroad is just as nice as he ever was to us. Having cleared his whole dungeon body now, he actually offers to join us for a while. Seeing as Poo went off to train somewhere, it would be nice to have a full party again.

Having made a new friend and ally, the photographer shows up to capture the happy memories. Unfortunately, Dungeon Man is not with us for very long at all. As we travel south, he quickly finds himself helplessly trapped by a couple of trees. And just like that he leaves the party and we’re back to being a man down.

We press on without Dungeon Man and quickly come to a Native informing us of the Deep Darkness across the river. It’s a scary place with terrible monsters and you will lose health just by walking around in the swamp. Also the swamp is bottomless and we’d easily be dragged down to the bottom if we tried to swim through it. If we had a submarine though, that would be a different story entirely.

Actually, I think we might have a submarine! Back in Dungeon Man there was a collection of vehicles and I thought I saw one there. Sure enough, Dungeon Man confirms my suspicions. However, to get to the collection on the first floor, we actually have to make it all the way up to the fourth floor and use the “Goodbye Exit” this time.

We fall though the holes on each floor until we finally land on the raised platforms back on the first floor. He does have a nice little collection here. It doesn’t look like any of them actually run though. The Taxi has no engine and the bike is completely rusted over. Then for some reason he has the Instant Revitalizing Device from Dr. Andonuts.

The Submarine also seems to be out of commission. Thankfully, Jeff seemed very confident that he could fix the little yellow submarine. Maybe someday we could all live in it as well. After being fixed up, we all carry it outside, plop it in the water, and we’re off to the Deep Darkness.

It’s a short trip, and no sea monsters or anything attack us like the last time we traveled. I will say though that I wasn’t expecting to see so many monkeys living here. There’s an entire little village worth of them.

However, I’m not ready to explore the Deep Darkness just yet. Not with only three people that is. So before anything else we head over to Dalaam to check up on Poo and see how his training is going. We also do a little sightseeing while we’re at it. Naturally, the Photographer is more than willing to help as he takes our picture in front of the Palace as well as in the throne room itself.

Unfortunately, Poo is nowhere to be found. He’s not in the Palace, he’s not around town, and he’s not up on his training cliff. It’s a small town, so there aren’t a whole lot of places he could hide. I guess he simply isn’t here. I wonder where exactly he is right now then…

It looks like we’ll have to brave the Deep Darkness without him then. Join us next time as we see how bad this swamp really is.