Earthbound – Day 56

–Day 56–

We’re still in this mysterious cave in Dalaam, having just fallen through a hole in the upper floors. This leaves us in a small isolated area with a present and yet another hole to drop though. Of course, dropping through this hole puts us right on top of a small group of monsters and straight into a fight.

After defeating the monsters, we’re left with a decision, continue falling down the holes or go exploring instead. I’m glad I chose the latter as we quickly discover this to actually be our sixth My Sanctuary Location. In a way I was hoping for something like this to happen, but I was still caught a little by surprise when it happened.

This Location is guarded by Thunder and Storm. I wish I could comment on them more, but sadly they died before ever getting a hit in. During the first round, Paula’s PK Freeze Ω froze them solid, costing them their first turn. Then in the second round they took “deep breaths for the next assault.” Sadly we never got to see that attack because they were defeated early in the third round before their turn came up. With that we have claimed another My Sanctuary in what will surely be the easiest boss battle so far.

We proceed through the opening to find ourselves on the Pink Cloud. Here, Ness has a short vision of his mother when she was young. He then records the melody of Pink Cloud like he has at all the other locations. I really hope someone puts all these visions together at the end because we’ve been to six already and I’m not getting a clear picture of what they’re supposed to combine into.

Anyway, we head back to the hole in the ground, jump down, and make our way back to the entrance. With nothing more to do here in Dalaam, we head over to Winters to see what has happened to Apple Kid. Without the aid of the sky walker however, we land at the Boarding School and need to make our way down to the Lab on foot.

Before we can even start that journey however, we get some more grim news! It would seem Bubble Monkey has ditched his wife during their honeymoon so he can go play with Tessie instead! How dare that little monkey! Oh, and I guess Jeff’s friend Tony has gone missing or something, I don’t know, I wasn’t paying attention. I was too upset with that monkey.

Normally a pass through an old area would be a breeze, but the situation here in Winters has changed during our absence. Gone are the Gruff Goats and all the other wild animals, replaced instead with wave after wave of aliens. Many of them look familiar as this point, like the Whirling Robo and Lesser Mook, but new to the party are the Wooly Shamblers.

They’re all quite powerful but thankfully we can go all out fighting them thanks to the Campers. Even with all these aliens around, they’re still out here like nothing is wrong, offering tea and a place to rest to anyone inconsiderate enough to barge right into their tent uninvited.

It doesn’t take us long to make it to the lake front. Here we find Bubble Monkey joyfully waiting around for Tessie. We also learn that one of the members of the Tessie-Watching Club has been kidnapped by UFOs. These abductions are getting to be serious. We need to get to Dr. Andonuts’ lab as soon as possible.

With Bubble Monkey’s help, we once again get to ride Tessie to the far shore of the lake. We would also have to pass through Brickroad’s old dungeon if not for the fact we still have the Pencil Eraser on us. Thanks to that we can bypass the entire dungeon and make it to the lab that much faster.

After passing through the cave and past Stonehenge we finally make it to Dr. Andonuts’ Lab. Sadly neither Dr. Andonuts nor Apple Kid are here to greet us. The only ones left are the one nice Bigfoot and Apple Kid’s Mouse friend. Thankfully Apple Kid has already completed work on his Eraser Eraser Machine and given it to the mouse. With this in hand we can now explore the tunnels under Stonehenge and hopefully figure out what happened to all those abducted people.

That however is tomorrow’s adventure. Join us then as we see how deep those tunnels go!