Earthbound – Day 58

–Day 58–

So we’ve fled the alien base for now with the help of the Exit Mouse. That of course means we need to head back to Onett quick to pick up a new one before we even think of making a second run at it. Unfortunately, that also means quite a bit of backtracking. We still have no way of teleporting directly to Dr. Andonuts’ lab, so we’re going to have to make the entire trek south from the boarding school yet again.

Once again we have to travel south to the lake fighting off aliens of all kinds. Then again we have to ride Tessie to the other shore. Again skip past Brickroad’s old dungeon. And finally pass through the cave before we’re even back at Stonehenge.

After the last run thought here, we have a better idea of where we need to go and we’ve already collected most of the treasures, so we don’t need to detour for any of them. We also know that we need to conserve out PP better this time because there’s a whole base to explore after the tunnels. That’s easy enough to do. With our newly gained levels, our physical attacks are stronger and we can deal with most of the threats without needing to use any PK Attacks. Our progress was actually rather smooth this time. By being very cautious we were able to single out many of the enemies rather than fight them in groups.

Also, as much as I hate doing it, we ran from any encounters with the Atomic Power Robots to avoid the explosive damage we would receive after defeating them. Eventually we make it back to the Base, but this time we have significantly more resources at our disposal and I think we’ll have a much easier time heading deeper.

That however will have to be a battle for another day. It took us pretty much the whole day just to get back here and now there’s no time left for anything else today. Still, we’re in a good position to finish exploration tomorrow. So hopefully we’ll see you then!