Earthbound – Day 59

–Day 59–

It’s finally time to infiltrate the alien base, and we’re actually in pretty good shape to do that. We do still have to be careful though, who knows how big this base actually is. Just as before, we’re going to have to use more physical attacks than we’re used to. Especially since the Super Starmen will just reflect them back at us anyway. But also we have to be careful of the Atomic Power Robots. Just like before, it might be better to run from then than to fight them.

The enemies aren’t the only trouble we’ll be having here. It might be an advanced alien base, but there is a rather large maze of a room suffering from some very bad wiring. What I mean by that is that the lights will constantly be flickering on and off, slowing you down and forcing you to plan out your approach a bit more cautiously.

When we finally make it through this semi darkened maze, we come face to face with all the poor abductees. It looks like they’ve been crammed into tiny glass tubes, and from the sound of their panicked pleas they can’t breathe too well in there. There doesn’t appear to be anything in the room we can use to help them, so for now we’re just going to have to leave them behind. But don’t worry everyone, we’re here to help you.

In the next room however, we see exactly who has been pulling all the strings here at the base. Just based on the other Starmen we’ve encountered so far, we’re already a bit scared of what their leader can do to us. But from the sounds of it, they’re starting to become scared of us as well.

The Battle with Starman Deluxe definitely looks like a one sided fight for most of the encounter, and not one that leans in our favor. For starters, Starman Deluxe also starts the battle with a PK Shield already in place, leaving us at a bit of a disadvantage. But more importantly, Starman Deluxe is incredibly strong. How strong you might ask? Well, he’s strong enough to use PK Starstorm α, the very same ultimate attack that Poo went off to learn. One hit from that and nearly everyone in the party is brought to their knees.

From here on, the battle only gets worse. Starman Deluxe is relentless in his use of PK Starstorm α, using it almost every turn. When he’s not crashing stars down on our heads, he’s summoning more of his buddies to join the fight. It’s pretty much all we can do just to stay alive through the whole battle.

In truth, our party had no hope of winning this battle at this point. However, the battle ends in an act of true mutually assured destruction. While everyone’s HP counters were ticking down to zero, a beam shot from Starman Deluxe deflected off of Poo’s shield, bouncing back and killing him. And so the battle ends with all combatants defeated.

Lucky for us, Starman Deluxe went down mere seconds before Ness did, and so we are declared the winners of this fight. As the last combatant standing, Ness also received the full amount of EXP to himself and gained two levels in the process.

With Starman Deluxe defeated, the whole base ceases functioning. So first things first, we need to revive the whole party. But after that we check back on all the abductees in the next room. All of which appear to have been set free from their glass prisons. It would seem the experience hasn’t hurt them in any way. In fact, it has redoubled Dr. Andonuts’ conviction in finishing the Phase Distorter.

In the midst of the chaos and happy reunions, we do manage to gather a bit of information of our own from Apple Kid, namely the whereabouts of the book “Overcoming Shyness.” It would seem the book was only a rental, and he has already returned it to the Onett Library. So with our destination set, and everyone out of energy anyway, we once again request the aid of the Exit Mouse to take us to safety.

We quickly heal up at the lab and then it’s straight off to the Onett Library to find that book. Thankfully it doesn’t take us very long to find it. In fact it was right there on the bookshelf in the first room of the library. We had to look at a couple of the shelves first, but it was still only a few seconds of searching.

With the book in hand, we head back to the Tenda Village to cure everyone of their crippling shyness. We give the book to the village chief, and he is more than willing to read it to everyone all at once for us. Now they will all know how to overcome their shyness and finally talk to us.

This is such a momentous occasion, that the Photographer couldn’t help but to drop down through the ceiling just to capture a picture of the moment. To think, the notoriously shy Tenda Tribe would every open up to people.

To further celebrate, we are offered a cup of tea by one of the other Tenda. At this point, we should know better than to accept food or drinks from anyone as once again we are drugged and see a profound message in our hallucinations.

“Like a great tapestry, vertical and horizontal threads have met and become intertwined, creating a huge, beautiful image.

You may have cursed this never-ending journey. You have known injury and defeat, but you have struggled on to reach this place. Your in-born wisdom and courage have helped bring you here. You have believed in your friends, and as a group, you have supported each other. Have you ever stopped to consider how much your power has grown? Now, you could fell enemies in Onett and Twoson with one blow. As you certainly know, you cannot turn back. Giygas, the arch fiend of the universe, is growing frightened of you and your power. He is searching for ways to end your journey.

From here, the challenge grows and your adventure will take you beyond anything you ever imagined. You are drawing near to Giygas. Remember, when you are suffering hardships, your enemy is also struggling.

Still, where DID Porky go, anyway? When this cup of tea is finished, your adventure will continue. Your destiny pulls you in the right direction. Believe in yourself and press forward.





I wish you luck…”

It’s a lot to take in all at once, but the one thing that really caught my attention was questioning where Porky was. Surely that can only mean he didn’t die back in the swamp and will only continue to be a thorn in our side. But that is a concern for another day. For now, we’re going to rest off those drugs and start fresh in the morning. There’s still a lot to do before we’re ready to face Giygas.