Earthbound – Day 65

–Day 65–

We’re so close now to defeating Giygas and saving the world. All that stands in our way now is retrieving a piece of the meteorite to power the Phase Distorter. So we head back to Onett without delay. Unfortunately, we arrive to find things have changed quite a bit in our absence. The whole town seems to be shrouded in an unnatural darkness, and Giygas’s followers seem to have taken over the town.

I know we need to hurry, but I can’t help but check in with Ness’s Mother and make sure she’s doing ok. Obviously everyone in town is scared of the monsters, and have barricaded themselves inside their homes. But she’s being strong about the whole situation.

We leave Ness’s home and his mother and make our way to the meteorite crash site just as we did at the beginning of our adventure. We are of course much stronger now, but so are the enemies. The one to look out for though is The Ghost of Starman. Any encounter with one of them is in itself a brush with death, as they open every battle with a devastating PK Starstorm α. Thankfully, they don’t attack again for a couple of turns, giving us time to recover.

Even with all these strong enemies around, the path up to the Meteorite isn’t a long one, and we quickly make the journey. Looking down at the meteorite, we notice a particularly shiny piece which we pick up for ourselves. Now that we have what we came for, we waste no time and quickly teleport back to Saturn Valley.

We hand over the meteorite piece to Dr. Andonuts who admits to have never actually seen such a rare element before. However, with the combined knowledge of Dr. Andonuts, Apple Kid, and the highly intelligent Mr. Saturns, they are confident they can make use of it. We just need to rest for now and give them time to work.

After resting, we awake to find the Phase Distorter version two has been completed. Before we hop aboard though, Dr. Andonuts strongly warns us that once we use it, we may never be able to come back. So before heading off to fight Giygas, we need to make any last preparations now.

So with that in mind, we go on one last shopping spree to make sure we have everything we need. This may take a while, so we’re going to end the post here. Join us next time as we make our final approach towards our destiny. See you there!