Earthbound – Day 66

–Day 66–

It’s time for our final preparations to fight Giygas. We already have what I think is the best equipment we can buy for everyone. So really the only thing we can do right now is empty our pockets of any useless items and stuff them full of the best healing items we can find. As far as I’m concerned, that means buying as many Brain Food Lunches as we can hold. When eaten, the Brain Food Lunches restore 300 HP and 50 PP, making it both very powerful and the two for one aspect of it makes it very convenient given our extremely limited inventory space.

With everyone fully stocked and ready for battle, we return to Saturn Valley and Dr. Andonuts. Together we board the Phase Distorter Version 2, and in an instant it starts to vanish away. Just like that we are teleported away to any unknown area to fight Giygas.

No sooner do we get out of the Phase Distorter, we are stopped once more by the old man who trained Poo. He apparently has one last lesson to pass onto the young prince. Thankfully, he doesn’t have to steal him away this time, he just instantly teachers Poo PK Starstorm Ω and vanishes without a trace.

We continue on the path and discover we are in the same cave we saw earlier while exploring the Lost Underworld. We’re now on the platform with the broken Phase Distorter and the weird silver hair thing. There is also the kidnapped Mr. Saturn who seems happy to see us. However, there is nowhere for us to go on this platform, and the hair doesn’t teleport us anywhere like I expected. So I’m not really sure what we’re expected to do here.

As if reading our very thoughts, Dr. Andonuts, Apple Kid, and a Mr. Saturn arrive in the newly created Phase Distorter Version 3. They also inform us that Giygas is in fact attacking from this location. However, he is doing so from many years in the past.

This of course it some terrible news, how are we supposed to travel to the past? Is the Phase Distorter Version 3 also a time machine? Both Dr. Andonuts and Apple Kid seem to want to tell us more, but something seems to be holding them back…

For some reason Dr. Andonuts suddenly walks off out of earshot of the rest of the group. We follow to talk to him and he informs us that the Phase Distorter Version 3 is in fact capable of time travel. This is WONDERFUL news! Unfortunately, there is a catch, the machine CAN travel to the past, but it is incapable of warping living creatures with it.

Dr. Andonuts has of course come up with a solution to this problem, but I must admit, it’s not a very appealing one. He suggests transferring our souls into robotic bodies. That way, they will be able to travel back in time using the machine. He unfortunately can’t promise that he will be able to reverse the processes. Essentially, he’s asking us to willingly give our lives for the greater good of the world.

He gives us one last chance to back out, but of course, that isn’t really an option, is it? We’re the heroes destined to defeat Giygas. It is our fate to give our lives to defend the world. And so we all reluctantly agree to have our souls transferred into robotic bodies.

One by one, Dr. Andonuts transfers us into our robotic bodies. We then all gather inside the Phase Distorter Version 3 ready to travel back in time. He says his final farewells to us all, even acknowledging Jeff as his son in what is his first genuine fatherly moment.

As the Phase Distorter Version 3 activates, Dr. Andonuts makes one last speech to us. He commends us for his bravery, noting that only a few people will know the truth about what happened, but we will be saving all the people of the world through our efforts. He also mentions how fortunate he feels to be present for such an important event in human history.

With those final words from Dr. Andonuts, the Phase Distorter fully activates and starts its travels into the past. We arrive as safely as can be considering our current situation, but I can’t help but feel a bit uneasy. The past just feels so cold, and lifeless, made all the worse by our current robotic figures. In a word, it’s depressing. We can’t be down now though, we have to find Giygas and defeat him, for the good of all mankind.

As would be expected, the whole area is full of Giygas’s Followers, and we’re going to have quite a few battles on our hands before we actually make it to the mastermind himself. Thankfully, the path is rather straightforward, with no branching paths or anything to get lost in.

We do our best to avoid battles when possible, and end them quickly when it isn’t possible. Using what we’ve learned, we know when to run rather than fight, and to conserve our PP until the times it really matters. We have the whole of Mankind in the balance, we can’t afford to make it to Giygas too weak to fight.

As I mentioned before, there really weren’t any branching paths to get lost in, however, we had a bit of a startle about halfway through the cave when we came upon a mysterious floating orb. Given our situation, it wouldn’t have surprised us to be some massive enemy. However, it was simply another teleportation device which transported us to distant section of the cave.

One more warp later, and we find ourselves in front of a small crack in the cave wall at the end of the path. Passing through the opening we are confronted with a mass of pulsating pipes resembling intestines. Here, there are no longer any enemies to fight as we make our way to our greatest foe.

And there at the end of the path, in a very disturbing and unsettling mass, is Giygas. Words can’t properly describe what we’re looking at now, partially because I’m not quite sure what it is we’re looking at right now, but I just know this is the end of our adventure.

With only one thing left to do, I’m sure you’re all excited to see this to the end, but that will have to wait until next time. Will we be able to defeat the ultimate evil? Or will we fall and allow darkness to consume the world? Join us next time to see the exciting conclusion for yourselves!