Pokemon 20th Anniversary!!!

Pokemon 20th

As you may or may not know, today, Feb 27 2016, marks the 20th anniversary of the Pokémon franchise. Pokémon trainers the world over are celebrating today, and our family is no exception.

Pokemon Diamond Logo

We spent the day watching the Pokémon anime, and playing the various Pokémon games. I played more of Pokémon Diamond, which some of you might already be following my progress. My daughter enjoyed playing Pokémon Omega Ruby. She’s so happy to have Mew in her party now thanks to this month’s Pokémon give away.

Pokemon 2000

We also watched Pokémon 2000, the second Pokémon movie. It was the first Pokémon movie my daughter has seen, and she loved it. I picked that one because she already loves the 3 legendary birds, and they’re the main attractions in that movie. Of course she enjoyed it, even if she doesn’t know how to stay quiet.

Pokeball Pizza Pokeball Pizza Cooked








We had to do something special for dinner too. Like many people, we just had to make ourselves some Pokéball pizzas. They came out amazing, and we were all happy.

Personal Pokeball Personal Pokeball Cooked








I of course had to make a personal pizza for my little girl to have all to herself. She helped put the toppings on and everything.

Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction

While we ate, we watched the Pokémon movie Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction. It was the only Pokémon movie on Netflix right now. I thought it was a good movie and we all had a great time watching it.

Pokemon Cake Pokemon Cake with candles







Finally, we finished the day off with a nice Pokémon cake. Together my wife, daughter and I blew out the candles to remember all the joy the series has brought us. HAPPY BIRTHDAY POKEMON!!! So that was our celebration of Pokémon Day. I hope everyone else enjoyed the occasion. If you missed it, just remember, you don’t really NEED an excuse to buy a Pokémon themed cake!