Pokemon Journal: Battle at the Library!


Welcome back everyone! When we last went exploring in Unova, we managed to stop Team Plasma from roughing up an innocent little Munna. Then almost immediately after that we had to stop them again from stealing a random little girl’s Pokémon. We then traveled west to Nacrene city in hopes of gaining our second gym badge. Unfortunately, we were still very under leveled to even consider facing the gym. So off we went for some intense level grinding.


Most of the level grinding took place in the outer area of the Pinwheel Forest. I would have loved to train in the inner area of the forest, but Team Plasma is busy making a human barricade just inside the entrance. I’m not sure what they’re planning, but they’re mumbling stuff to themselves and it doesn’t sound pleasant.

tympole timburr

There were quite a few good Pokémon in this area, but I only chose one to add to my party, Tympole. These little tadpoles always put up quite a good fight, and the dual water / ground typing in their later evolutions makes them a great addition to the team. Of course the Fighting type Timburr would be a better addition to the team for the upcoming gym, but I simply don’t like to use fighting type.

throh sawk
Throh Sawk

Speaking of fighting types, I also managed to catch a Sawk while I was level grinding. These guys were really rare, and I got lucky to catch one. I’d love to catch a Throh as well to complete the set, but they are extremely rare in the Black version. They can only be found in rustling grass, and even then with only a 5% encounter rate. I found quite a few Audino for some good experience, but never managed to found a Throh.

n pidove
N Pidove
Level: 13
timburr tympole
Timburr Tympole
Level: 13 Level: 13

Now that I’ve gotten everyone up to a decent level, I think I’m comfortable heading back into town to face the gym. Before I can actually go inside however, I’m greeted by a familiar face, N. He challenges me to another Pokémon battle, and after all that training he was barely a threat at all. He does however make the first mention of the game’s legendary Pokémon Zekrom, so I’m expecting big things from him.


Inside the Nacrene Gym, it turns out it’s actually the town’s museum and library as well. After the damage we did back in my bedroom at the start of the game, I can’t imagine this would be a good idea, but to each their own I guess. The gym does have an interesting gimmick, you have to read the books to find clues to finding the gym leader. Turns out she was hiding in a secret room under one of the book cases.

herdier lenora watchog
Herdier Lenora Watchog
Level: 18 Level: 20

The Jr Trainers in the gym didn’t present much of a challenge, but I’ll admit I got lucky when I beat the Gym Leader Lenora. Or rather I should say she got lucky while fighting me. Her Herdier put up a good fight, but went down without defeating any of my team. Her Watchog on the other hand nearly defeated my entire party. The problem was that she had it use Hypnosis so often I couldn’t get any attacks in. Even after several sand attacks, it’s amazing how an attack with only 60% accuracy could hit me every time she used it. I finally managed to put it to sleep with Munna’s yawn, but it was still a struggle to defeat her. In the end, I only had 1 Pokémon left when I defeated her. But a win is a win, and that means I now have my second badge, the Basic Badge.



There’s no time to celebrate though, it would seem Team Plasma has stormed the museum upstairs and is causing trouble. We rush to stop them, but they manage to steal the skull from a dragon skeleton right before our eyes. We chase after them but they seem to simply disappear once they get outside.


By chance, we have a few guests at the gym entrance as soon as we head outside. First is Burgh, the gym leader of the next town over come to visit. He’s soon joined by my friends Cheren and Bianca. After a few quick introductions, we agree to split up into groups to search for Team Plasma. Bianca also gives me the Dowsing Machine as a gift from Fennel. I’m very happy to have this because now I can find hidden items on the ground.

Anyway, we need to get the Dragon Skull back from Team Plasma, so Cheren and Bianca head east back towards Route 3 while Burgh and I head west towards the Pinwheel Forest. I know it’s important to Lenora to get the skull back, but that’s going to have to wait till next time, because this feels like a good stopping point for me. So thank you for reading, and I’ll see you next time when we once again try to teach some manners to Team Plasma.

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Current Team:

servine munna herdier
Servine Munna Herdier
Level: 22 Level: 20 Level: 20
liepard tympole woobat
Liepard Tympole Woobat
Level: 20 Level: 20 Level: 20

Play Time: 9h 30m

Badges: 2

Pokédex Entries: 25

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I know you’re all going to be heartbroken to hear this, but no art work this time. However I’m taking a bit of a break from the other articles right now to focus on this one for a while, so look forward to the next installments.

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