Pokemon Journal: My Life As A Berry Farmer!

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We made it to Solaceon Town last time, and that’s exactly where I still am now. I know I’m supposed to be pressing forward to become a Pokémon Master. But I finally found a Leppa berry, and I just had to grow a bunch of them now.

Leppa Berry

If you don’t know, the berries in the game mostly act as natural alternatives to most of the items. There are berries that heal burns, freeze, confusion, berries that restore health etc. But the Leppa Berry is special. It restores PP for the different attacks. There are items in the game that do that, like the ether, but you can’t buy them in stores. You can only find them randomly out in the world. So the Leppa berry is the only reliable source to restore a Pokémon’s PP. Normally it’s not an issue, just head over to a Pokémon center. But in the long caves or especially end game against the elite four, they are a wonderful thing to have.

So yeah, that’s pretty much all I did last week. But I managed to grow 80 Leppa berries, so THIS week I’ll be back on my path to becoming a Pokémon champion!

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Current Pokémon:

Prinplup Pachirisu Cranidos
Prinplup Pachirisu Cranidos
Level: 28 Level: 25 Level: 25
Drifloon Cherrim Bibarel
Drifloon Cherrim Bibarel
Level: 25 Level: 25 Level: 25


Play time: 17h 52m

Badges: 2

Pokédex Entries: 65

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While I didn’t actually PLAY much of the game this week, I did start up another hobby at the same time. Back in school I loved to draw, but it’s been so long that I’ve practically forgotten how. So I started playing Pokémon Art Academy too. Starting this week, at the end of each Pokémon journal I’ll attach a couple of my better drawings from the week. We’ll see how much I can improve over the course of my adventures.

Fennekin Traced

Here we have a Fennekin drawn with the tracer lines still on

Torchic Freehand

And here’s a Torchic done freehand

(don’t make fun of me, it’s been years since I last actually drew anything)

Anyway, let’s see how much I can improve. Thanks for following me and I hope you’ll come again next week!

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