Pokemon Journal: Relaxing by the Lake!

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After a week as a berry farmer, I’m excited to get back on the road and continue my Pokémon adventure. I’m not really sure which town I’m supposed to go to next, and I can see on the map there’s a fork in the road coming up, let’s see what happens.

Psyduck Café Cabin







My dilemma was solved for me pretty quickly when I finally got to the fork. The path north is blocked by a group of Psyducks. I’m not sure why I can’t just battle and capture the Psyducks, but apparently these are special road block Psyducks. So it looks like we’ll be heading east, but not before checking out this little cafe at the crossroads. They apparently only serve milk, and I was warned that some of the customers might get a little rowdy and challenge me to a Pokémon duel. Fair enough, everyone is always challenging everyone to a Pokémon duel. What I wasn’t expecting was for the WAITRESS to also challenge me. What kind of service is that?!

Ponyta Geodude







Heading east from the café onto Route 215, I really wish I had brought my umbrella. It seems like it’s always raining on this route. Curiously I encountered a lot of Ponyta and Geodude on this route. Shouldn’t they both be practically dead from the rain? Unless they weren’t attacking me, they were trying to beg me for help. My god, I’m a monster! Just have to push on, there’s no way they were looking for help, they were attacking me, it was self defense.

Veilstone City

Pushing away my possible moral dilemma, I finally reach Veilstone City. Speaking of moral dilemmas, Veilstone happens to be home of the Gaming Corner and all of those slot machines. You’ve got to love pushing gambling into a kid’s game. I wasn’t actually planning to play much, I’ve never been very good in the game corners, but I got a lucky streak going. These slot machines are a lot nicer than the old ones. Somehow I activated a Clefairy bonus round which just kept going and going. I started with the 60 coins I think it was that random people gave me, and by the end I had 1742! Still not enough to buy anything good, but that’s enough for now, I should quit while I’m ahead.

Veilstone Gym

Besides, I didn’t come here to gamble, I came here to get my next gym badge and that’s what I’m going to do. This one is going to be the easiest one yet, a fighting gym. Fighting types are weak against flying types, and nearly useless against ghost types. SO FEAR MY FLYING GHOST POKEMON DRIFLOON!!! BWAHAHAHA!!! Ahem, sorry about that. In all seriousness though, it was pretty easy with my Drifloon and even easier when it evolved into Drifblim. Really the hardest challenge was the sliding wall puzzles needed to get to the gym leader.

Maylene Cobble Badge







Even the Gym Leader Maylene wasn’t much challenge. She sure put up a good fight, but my Drifblim was just too much for her. That’s just one more Gym down, and one more badge for me, the Cobble Badge.

Dawn Team Galactic Grunts







No Sooner do I leave the gym do I bump into Dawn. Apparently Team Galactic is causing even more trouble. Dawn dropped her Pokédex and some Team Galactic grunt picked it up and won’t give it back. We need to go teach them another lesson. Not just for Dawn, but because I heard a rumor the HM02 Fly is stored in the warehouse they’re using, and I NEED IT!!! So together, Dawn and I kick some sense into a few Team Galactic grunts at the front door. Dawn is happy because she got her Pokédex back, so she left. That means I’m going to have to storm this whole place by myself. I’m going to rush in there and beat up every member inside until they give up the HM02. Or not, it’s right inside the door with no one to fight. The only person inside was a grunt who politely asked me to leave because I’m not a member. Fair enough, I got what I came for. You gentlemen can carry on with whatever it is you’re planning.

Sinnoh Route 214

That just means I need to press on again to the next town. It looks like we’ll be heading south along Route 214 until we get to Lake Valor. Then there’s another fork in the road. Sounds like fun, except when I got to the lake, it was blocked off. I guess someone is doing an experiment in the lake. Ok, so I’ll press on to the fork and another road block. The path East is closed off because of a black out. Really? The town has a black out so they send someone to push people away? That must be one hell of a black out.

Hotel Grand Lake

That only leaves the path south open to me, which leads directly into the Hotel Grand Lake on the Valor Lakefront. It’s a nice enough little resort, with lots of paths that seem to require the rock climb ability which I don’t currently have. I’ll have to come back here later. In the meantime, I think I’ll just rest here for a bit before heading on to the next town and the next badge.

So, thanks for following me this far. Join me again next week when we head off to Pastoria City for the 4th Gym Badge.

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Current Pokémon:

Prinplup Pachirisu Cranidos
Prinplup Pachirisu Cranidos
Level: 30 Level: 29 Level: 26
Drifblim Cherrim Bibarel
Drifblim Cherrim Bibarel
Level: 30 Level: 27 Level: 25

Play Time: 20h 36m

Badges: 3

Pokédex Entries: 73

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And now to showcase my art for this week. First up…


Here we have the cute little Togepi. Drawn with tracing lines of course.


Then we have the shadowy Gengar. Drawn free hard. I think maybe i made him too skiny, but still not too bad.

Once again, thanks for following me this far. I hope to see you back again next week!!

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