Pokemon Journal: Trouble in Chargestone Cave!

When we last checked in, we had just defeated Clay, the Leader of the Driftveil Gym, and obtained our fifth Gym Badge. Normally this victory would also earn us a TM to learn the Gym Leader’s favorite move. However, Clay has insisted we meet him at the end of Route 6, in front of the nearby cave first. It’s unusual, but it does give us our next destination.

Bianca Herdier
Level: 26
Dewott Pansear Musharna
Level: 28 Level: 26 Level: 26

However, as soon as we leave town and enter Route 6, we are immediately stopped by Bianca. She’s impressed with our progress, and wants to battle us to see how much she has grown as well. She is definitely getting stronger, but sadly she’s not keeping up with Cheren and I. As such, she is easily defeated, but she doesn’t lose hope. After our victory she also hands us HM02 Fly. Apparently her dad gave it to her so she could come home whenever she wanted, but having a copy for ourselves will make travel much easier as well.

Anyway, we continue on through Route 6, battling all the trainers we see and generally training the team as we go. With Vanillite as the newest member of the party, she still needs the most training. She’s still very weak, but it feels like she’s carving out a nice little spot for herself already.

About half way through Route 6, we come across a small research lab. This particular lab is researching the changing seasons and how it affects different Pokémon. During our visit, one of the researchers asks us to show them a Deerling to aid in their study. Deerling are fairly common on route 6, so it’s not much trouble to catch one. Even so, there is no reward for doing this, which was rather disappointing. The researcher basically just said “wow, that’s cool. Thanks” and sent me on my way. Maybe if I show him all 4 of Deerling’s forms we’ll get a reward, but that will take 4 real world months to accomplish.

Leaving the research lab behind, we continue to the cave at the end of Route 6. As we approach, we see that the whole entrance has been covered over by a large spider web, created by Galvantula. It’s only then that Clay shows up to assist us. Using his Krokorok, he clears away the webs and hands us TM78 Bulldoze. With that he leaves us to explore the Chargestone Cave on our own.

We don’t make it far into the cave before we are surrounded by members of the Shadow Triad who escort us to N. N Warns us that Team Plasma is waiting ahead to test us and then leaves. So that’s great, there’s apparently an ambush waiting up ahead for us. Actually, is it still an ambush if we know about it ahead of time? Either way, we continue forward and are quickly approached by Professor Juniper and Bianca, now acting as Juniper’s bodyguard. In addition to giving us a Lucky Egg, a held item which increases earned experience, she also informs us that due to the odd electrical properties of the cave, there are many floating stones which can be easily pushed aside.

After sharing that information, the two head off to research the Klink Pokémon which is abundant here in the cave. Actually, the Pokémon here in the cave are almost unnaturally abundant. We can barely take more than a few steps without getting into another battle. Due to this high encounter rate on top of the various trainers inside the cave, we end up having to leave and heal several times before making any real progress.

Thankfully, there is a Doctor on the first lower level who will heal the entire party. Of course, we have to battle and defeat him before he’s willing to help us. With his location nearly half way through the cave, he becomes a very valuable ally. That’s not even taking into account the group of Team Plasma grunts lining the path up ahead. We end up heading back to him quite often just to make it through all the Grunts.

N Boldore
Level: 28
Ferroseed Joltik Klink
Level: 28 Level: 28 Level: 28

Eventually we make it through all the Grunts and find N waiting for us near the exit of the cave. He makes some comments about his dreams for Pokémon and challenges us to a Pokémon battle. N of course is no threat at all. A big part of his gimmick is that he only uses local Pokémon whenever he battles, and we’ve spent the last couple hours killing dozens of these same Pokémon already. So many in fact that most of our team has evolved in the process. We quickly defeat him, after which Professor Juniper and Bianca catch up to us. N and Professor Juniper have a quick disagreement over their views on Pokémon and then N leaves.

We all head our own ways after this encounter, with Bianca and Juniper staying behind to continue their research while we head on out of the cave and into Mistralton City. Almost immediately we are approached by an older gentleman who introduces himself as Cedric Juniper, Professor Juniper’s father. He has heard great things about us, and as students of his daughter, he offers to upgrade our Pokédex to include new search features. I’m not sure what that means, but I’m happy to have the upgrade. He also introduces us to Skyla, the Leader of the Mistralton City Gym. After a quick greeting, she informs us that she’s off to help a sick Pokémon atop the Celestial Tower, so we won’t be able to challenge her at the moment. We are however welcome to come along and help the Pokémon if we want.

After this, the two leave us to explore the town on our own. It’s an incredibly small town, even compared to the other small towns in the game. In fact, most of the town is taken up by a rather large airstrip. This town apparently survives by growing plants in their greenhouses and then shipping them to other regions with the aid of their cargo planes. Other than that, the only other point of interest in town is the Move Family which has a house in town. One member of the family is the move deleter, who will help a Pokémon forget a move, while another will help a Pokémon remember any move they may have forgotten.

Anyway, we should be heading off to Route 7 to help Skyla with that sick Pokémon, but that is an adventure for another day. Join us again next time!

Current Team:

Seismitoad Serperior Darmanitan
Level: 36 Level: 37 Level: 37
Munna Vanillish Swoobat
Level: 31 Level: 35 Level: 32

Play Time: 29h 02m

Badges: 5

Pokédex Entries: 74

It’s time again for some Pokémon artwork. We’ve got two great pieces for you today. Well… one ok piece and one great piece.

First off, we have Lucario, the aura Pokémon. As a Fighting / Steel type, Lucario is known to be a very strong Pokémon to have on your team. However, I have never really gravitated towards Fighting Types, so I don’t really have any love for Lucario. Unfortunately, I feel that can be seen in this piece. I’m just honestly not very proud of this one.

This next one however I spent a couple hours on trying to make it as good as I felt I could. Even without introduction, I’m sure most people will recognize Charizard, the Fire Breathing Dragon (that isn’t a dragon for some reason). Naturally, Charizard is one of my favorite Pokémon. I think he’s actually one of nearly everyone’s favorite Pokémon. In this piece, we really focused on the contrasting lighting caused by its Fire Breath and I think it came out pretty good.

So that’s it for this update. Be sure to check in again for more updates!