Site Update 10/04/2019

Thought I should give a quick update on when the next articles will start coming.

Doing weekly articles like I used to quickly proved to be out of the question. I just don’t have the time or energy for it anymore. I do still have a couple articles in the works though. Originally I had wanted to post an article today on a Sega Genesis game I finished recently, but i couldn’t get it done in time. Hopefully I can finish it up and have it for next week. So look forward to that.

After that, i feel like I’m in a good position to start my next long play game. I’m about half way through the game now and have several pages worth ready in rough draft form at least. They just need some proof reading and formatting and they will be ready to start posting the week after the Sega Genesis article. Like I said, I’m only about half way through that game, but i feel i have enough of a start on it now to be able to finish the game without any major interruptions. This one is a classic with a huge fan base, so I hope everyone enjoys it once I start posting pages.

So that’s where we are right now. Nothing is ready this week, but there is a Sega Genesis article hopefully next week, and then we can start into the next long game. Hope to see you all then!