Article: Final Fantasy VII (PS) – Part 01

Join me as we begin one of the most beloved RPGs to grace the Playstation system, Final Fantasy VII! Follow Cloud and company as they set out to save the planet from the corrupt Shinra Electric Power Company in Final Fantasy VII (PSone) – Part 01!

Article: QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Genesis)

While browsing though his Uncle Scrooge’s library, Donald Duck finds a treasure map hidden in one of the books. Without a second thought, he is off to claim the treasure as his own. But will he be up to the task ahead? Find out in QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Genesis)!

Article: Hook (Game Gear)

Peter Pan has grown up and left Neverland behind. However, Captain Hook has kidnapped his children looking for one last fight with his nemesis. Will this be the end for Peter Pan? Find out in Hook (Game Game)!

Site Update 08/19/2019

Hello everyone that might actually be visiting this site. Just wanted to start the week with a little update. If you’ve been following the recent activity, you’ll have noticed that we finally finished Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga. It took a very long time to get the whole article up, but I am so glad I did. It was such a serious road block for me and the site in general. But it’s finally up and I am so happy with the results.

That said, I would love to jump right into another long game like that which I’m sure a lot of people would love to see. However, I’m nowhere near far enough into that game yet to start posting pages for it. Until I get a bit farther, I’m going to try to post more 30 minute reviews, and shorter game articles like I was doing before. That’s a bit of a Catch-22 though, because the more time I put into the smaller articles, the less time I put into the big article…

Well, we’ll just have to see what happens. I’m aiming at keeping the weekly posts going, and hopefully I can keep that up until the big article is ready to start rolling out in a couple months. So be sure to check back and see what new game reviews pop up on the site. And if you have any suggestions for a game you might want me to play, just message me on Twitter or Facebook. I would love to hear the feedback and be able to play the games you suggest.

Happy 30th Anniversary Gameboy!!!

Today marks the 30th anniversary of the North American release of the original Gameboy. So lets celebrate the date by checking out the game packed in with every system, the classic puzzle game Tetris!

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