Article: Earthbound (SNES)

The full review for the SNES Classic Earthbound is finally up on the site. It has taken a long time, but it was quite the enjoyable experience.

You can read the Full Review Here. I hope you enjoy it!

Of course, If you haven’t been following Ness and company for their entire adventure, why not Start At The Beginning.

Earthbound – The End

–The End–

It has taken a long time to get here, but we are finally ready for our final battle with the ultimate evil, Giygas. We approach cautiously, and Giygas responds in turn by producing Ness’s face on his…um…eye? I’m just going to say eye, but in all honestly it looks like it’s something much different and it’s giving birth to a new Ness. Thankfully, Porky shows up out of nowhere. That’s certainly not a phrase I thought I would be saying, but he does manage to cover up Giygas for the moment. read more

Earthbound – Day 66

–Day 66–

It’s time for our final preparations to fight Giygas. We already have what I think is the best equipment we can buy for everyone. So really the only thing we can do right now is empty our pockets of any useless items and stuff them full of the best healing items we can find. As far as I’m concerned, that means buying as many Brain Food Lunches as we can hold. When eaten, the Brain Food Lunches restore 300 HP and 50 PP, making it both very powerful and the two for one aspect of it makes it very convenient given our extremely limited inventory space. read more

Earthbound – Day 65

–Day 65–

We’re so close now to defeating Giygas and saving the world. All that stands in our way now is retrieving a piece of the meteorite to power the Phase Distorter. So we head back to Onett without delay. Unfortunately, we arrive to find things have changed quite a bit in our absence. The whole town seems to be shrouded in an unnatural darkness, and Giygas’s followers seem to have taken over the town.

I know we need to hurry, but I can’t help but check in with Ness’s Mother and make sure she’s doing ok. Obviously everyone in town is scared of the monsters, and have barricaded themselves inside their homes. But she’s being strong about the whole situation. read more

Earthbound – Day 64

–Day 64–

The environment might be a little weird, but our goal is still the same, make it to the end of the area in one piece. So we stock up on as many Magic Puddings as we can carry, don’t ask where we’re storing them in our current naked state, and head out on our adventure. It would seem the town has quite a few residents. Some aren’t so happy to see us in our current state, while others seem to have had a change of heart.

But we can’t get caught up with our memories of people we’ve met, we need to press on farther into Magicant and eventually leave the safety of the town. There is one last stop however, right on the edge of town is a house full of Flying Men. These Flying Men will join Ness in his adventure and help battle the enemies to come. Unfortunately only one will follow you at a time. read more

Earthbound – Day 63

–Day 63–

Today we continue our push through the Fire Spring as we attempt to claim the final My Sanctuary location. Using what we’ve learned from the previous areas, we’re actually trying to avoid combat as much as possible at the moment. We can finish exploring after we defeat the boss. That way all the monsters will be avoiding us and we can explore at our leisure.

With that mindset, it isn’t long before we make our way through to the boss. This final My Sanctuary boss is the Carbon Dog, and thankfully we made it here with a good amount of HP and PP. We’re going to need every bit of it as this ends up becoming a rather long battle. read more

Earthbound – Day 62

–Day 62–

Thanks in part to the number of large dinosaurs roaming the area, exploration of the Lost Underworld is initially quite slow. However, we do quickly come across a small village of Tenda living inside a small fenced in area. Or rather, we have landed inside their dinosaur cage, if we are to see things from their perspective. After smelling the Tendakraut, which incidentally was given to us by the Tenda Chief in exchange for the Overcoming shyness book, this group of Tenda immediately let us out of the dinosaur cage and into their village. read more

Earthbound – Day 61

–Day 61–

We return to the Tenda Village and once again try to make our way through the cave system of the Lost Underground. Learning from our previous mistakes, we proceeded through the cave with a much higher level of caution, trying to avoid another run in with the Conducting Spirit. We do however run into a couple more talking rocks, though none of them give us any useful information.

We also managed to find a very useful item in one of the presents, The Diadem of Kings. This is the second piece of exclusive equipment for Poo we’ve managed to find, and we of course equip it right away. Every little bit of armor helps and we’re looking forward to getting Poo a complete set of equipment eventually. read more

Pokemon Journal: Trouble in Chargestone Cave!

When we last checked in, we had just defeated Clay, the Leader of the Driftveil Gym, and obtained our fifth Gym Badge. Normally this victory would also earn us a TM to learn the Gym Leader’s favorite move. However, Clay has insisted we meet him at the end of Route 6, in front of the nearby cave first. It’s unusual, but it does give us our next destination.

Bianca Herdier
Level: 26
Dewott Pansear Musharna
Level: 28 Level: 26 Level: 26

However, as soon as we leave town and enter Route 6, we are immediately stopped by Bianca. She’s impressed with our progress, and wants to battle us to see how much she has grown as well. She is definitely getting stronger, but sadly she’s not keeping up with Cheren and I. As such, she is easily defeated, but she doesn’t lose hope. After our victory she also hands us HM02 Fly. Apparently her dad gave it to her so she could come home whenever she wanted, but having a copy for ourselves will make travel much easier as well. read more

Earthbound – Day 60

–Day 60–

Now that all the Tenda have been cured of their shyness, we can finally ask for the help of the one strong Tenda to move the boulder blocking the path to the Lost Underworld. He of course is very willing to help, throwing the boulder so high into the air that it in fact never returns.

We quickly descend down the hole and find ourselves face to face with a talking rock. It doesn’t give us much information, but it does inform us of a more talkative rock to be found up ahead. He even emphasizes the fact that we should seek out that rock to talk to. read more

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