Article: Pokemon Diamond (DS)

I’m about to start my next Pokemon adventure. But before that i thought i should collect all my journal entries from Pokemon Diamond in one place. So come check out my full article on Pokemon Diamond!!

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Do i have what it takes to be a Pokemon Master? Find out in my article for Pokemon Diamond (DS)!

Pokemon Journal: The End of a Journey!

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Welcome back to the final chapter of our journey through the Sinnoh region of the Pokémon world. When we left off, we were doing our final preparations before challenging the Elite Four to become the Pokémon Champion. So with everyone at a high enough level, and plenty of items, it’s time to fulfill our ultimate goal. Let’s Go!

Staraptor Barry Floatzel
Heracross Rapidash
Snorlax Torterra

Of course, there’s one last hurdle before the Elite Four. Before I can walk through the doors, Barry comes rushing in wanting one finally match before challenging the Elite Four himself. If he can’t beat me, then he has no chance against the Elite Four. The same can be said about me if I can’t beat him. Barry has done quite a bit of training since the last time we saw him, and his team is very well rounded. As strong as he has become, I’m still stronger and I’ll be the one to finally face the Elite Four. read more

Pokemon Journal: The Final Stretch!

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Welcome back everyone! When we left off, Team Galactic had finally been defeated, and all of the legendary Pokémon are in my possession. But with only 7 of the 8 gym badges, my journey isn’t over yet. We’re heading into the final stretch now as we go after our final gym badge and make our way towards the Elite Four.

Sinnoh Route 222

So far we’ve explored nearly every area of the region except for the eastern shore. If you’ll remember back, there seemed to have been some kind of blackout and they were denying entry to travelers. Thankfully, the issue has been resolved, and Route 222 is once again open to the public. There are quite a few tough trainers along this route making it a good place to train for the upcoming battle. Other than the trainers, it’s a rather straight forward route leading into Sunyshore City. read more

Pokemon Journal: Catching The Legends!

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Welcome back to the destruction of Team Galactic. When we left off, every member in their headquarters has been defeated, and the 3 Lake Guardians have been freed. Unfortunately, their leader Cyrus has run off to Mt Coronet with some sort of Red Chain. All as part of his master plan apparently. It’s up to us to chase him down and stomp out any last hints of hope he has left in his life. So let’s get to it!

Mt Coronet snowy area

The climb up the mountain is long and hard. There are plenty of galactic grunts in the caves the slow you down. Not to mention the constant random Pokémon attacks. When I finally climbed out of the caves onto the snow covered plateau just to find I was only halfway there, I thought I would never make it. But I can’t give up now. I need to make it to the very peak and crush Cyrus once and for all. read more

Pokemon Journal: Playing In The Snow!

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Welcome back to the great snowy north of the Sinnoh region. When we left off, we had just finally made it to Snowpoint City. After passing through that blizzard, I felt it was a good time to rest and warm up. But we can’t rest for long. Not with Team Galactic capturing the Legendary Lake Guardian Pokémon, and Barry waiting for me to back him up at Lake Acuity.

Acuity Lakefront

Braving the snow once more, we head off to the Lake, only to be stopped at the entrance by a couple of grunts. I don’t know why I can’t just fight them and push my way through, that’s how every other problem is solved in this world, but I can’t. They did mention that they were tasked with stopping the gym leader from interfering, so I guess I need to go knock some sense into the gym leader first. Back to town we go then. read more

Pokemon Journal: The Bucket List!

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Welcome back everyone! When we left off, Professor Rowan was instructing me to run directly towards the giant explosion over at Valor Lake. Great plan professor, send the kids in first. But before we head off to our death, there are a few places I remember passing that I couldn’t explore before. Now that I have strength and surf, it’s time to go check some of them out before I die.

Oreburgh Gate

First stop on the list is Oreburgh Gate. We passed through here way back on the first day, and at the time we just ran right through it. I remember there’s a whole subfloor to the cave that I’ve never explored and now seems like a good time to go check it out. There isn’t a whole lot to explore down here, but there were some cool ramps you could use to jump over rocks on your bike. There’s also some water you can surf across to reach a small area on the west side of the floor. Not much over here, but there was an Earth Plate which almost makes this worth the trip. read more

Pokemon Journal: Train To Be The Very Best!

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We left off with the instructions to go check out the library, but before that we really need to train some more. All my Pokémon are a bit under leveled right now. I headed back into the Hearthome City Gym, but apparently none of the Junior Trainers will fight me now that I’ve already beaten Fantina the Gym Leader. So I’m going to head back to Celestic Town and check out Route 211 to the west. There weren’t a lot of trainers, and before long we were right back into Mt Coronet. I couldn’t explore much because I can’t use strength outside of battle yet, so I guess I’ll have to go to the library like I was told. read more

Pokemon Journal: Stop That Grunt!

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Welcome back! When we left off, we were having a nice stay at Hotel Grand Lake. Turns out this is a decent place for some trainer battles. There are lots of pretentious rich people with lots of money when you beat them. Seriously, I can’t stand these high society people. There was one couple having a date and when I overheard the following conversation. Rich Boy “Are you enjoying the food? My father is the head chef here so order whatever you want.” Rich Girl “Oh yes, it’s so wonderful! (I don’t have the heart to tell him, but my father OWNS the hotel).” If I ever become rich, I hope I never become that self-absorbed. read more

Pokemon Journal: Relaxing by the Lake!

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After a week as a berry farmer, I’m excited to get back on the road and continue my Pokémon adventure. I’m not really sure which town I’m supposed to go to next, and I can see on the map there’s a fork in the road coming up, let’s see what happens.

Psyduck Café Cabin

My dilemma was solved for me pretty quickly when I finally got to the fork. The path north is blocked by a group of Psyducks. I’m not sure why I can’t just battle and capture the Psyducks, but apparently these are special road block Psyducks. So it looks like we’ll be heading east, but not before checking out this little cafe at the crossroads. They apparently only serve milk, and I was warned that some of the customers might get a little rowdy and challenge me to a Pokémon duel. Fair enough, everyone is always challenging everyone to a Pokémon duel. What I wasn’t expecting was for the WAITRESS to also challenge me. What kind of service is that?! read more

Pokemon Journal: My Life As A Berry Farmer!

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We made it to Solaceon Town last time, and that’s exactly where I still am now. I know I’m supposed to be pressing forward to become a Pokémon Master. But I finally found a Leppa berry, and I just had to grow a bunch of them now.

Leppa Berry

If you don’t know, the berries in the game mostly act as natural alternatives to most of the items. There are berries that heal burns, freeze, confusion, berries that restore health etc. But the Leppa Berry is special. It restores PP for the different attacks. There are items in the game that do that, like the ether, but you can’t buy them in stores. You can only find them randomly out in the world. So the Leppa berry is the only reliable source to restore a Pokémon’s PP. Normally it’s not an issue, just head over to a Pokémon center. But in the long caves or especially end game against the elite four, they are a wonderful thing to have. read more

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