Pokemon Journal: Trouble in Chargestone Cave!

When we last checked in, we had just defeated Clay, the Leader of the Driftveil Gym, and obtained our fifth Gym Badge. Normally this victory would also earn us a TM to learn the Gym Leader’s favorite move. However, Clay has insisted we meet him at the end of Route 6, in front of the nearby cave first. It’s unusual, but it does give us our next destination.

Bianca Herdier
Level: 26
Dewott Pansear Musharna
Level: 28 Level: 26 Level: 26

However, as soon as we leave town and enter Route 6, we are immediately stopped by Bianca. She’s impressed with our progress, and wants to battle us to see how much she has grown as well. She is definitely getting stronger, but sadly she’s not keeping up with Cheren and I. As such, she is easily defeated, but she doesn’t lose hope. After our victory she also hands us HM02 Fly. Apparently her dad gave it to her so she could come home whenever she wanted, but having a copy for ourselves will make travel much easier as well. read more

Pokemon Journal: The Frozen Battle and the Big Dig!

Welcome back everyone! As promised, I’m back to regular updates for Pokémon Black. First things first though, it HAS been several months since I last played, so before moving on, I take a few moments to reacquaint myself with my current party. Thankfully there are a good handful of trainers on Route 5 ready and willing to battle. In the process, my Herdier actually evolved into Stoutland, so that made me really happy.

Now that I have my bearings again, we head across the Driftveil Drawbridge and over to Driftveil City. The trip across the bridge is rather uneventful, but there is an interesting gimmick in play. Many bird type Pokémon like to fly over the bridge and you can see their shadows as you cross. If you walk to these shadows you can actually pick up feathers that have drifted off of them, or on rare occasion actually battle one of them. read more

Pokemon Journal: Fun at the Amusement Park!

Well this is a bit embarrassing… Due to my semi-unintentional several month long hiatus from working on the site, i kind of forget what happened the last time i played. Since then, I’ve intentionally not played any more so as to not cause any more damage to this journal than I’ve already done. With that in mind, let’s try to remember what happened as best we can.

Level: 22
Scraggy Darumaka Sigilyph
Level: 22 Level:22 Level: 22

When we last left our adventure, we were just about to chase a couple of Team Plasma Grunts into the Nimbasa Amusement Park. We don’t find them right away, but we do manage to run into N once again. At his suggestion we ride the Ferris wheel together in an attempt to spot the Plasma Grunts from the air. However, the ride turns a bit unpleasant as N reveals himself to be the leader of Team Plasma all along. Not only that, but upon exiting the ride N challenges us to a battle to further stall for time while the Grunts escape. I don’t remember N feeling like much of a threat, but the battle does serve its purpose of stalling for time. read more

Pokemon Journal: Wandering the Deserts!


Welcome back everyone. When we last checked in, we had just cleared out team plasma from their base in Castelia City, Collected our 3rd badge, and defeated Bianca in another friendly rivalry match. Now we’re heading out to Route 4 and pressing forward on our adventure. Sadly, nothing very exciting has happened since last time, but I’ll update you on my progress anyway.


I’ll admit I was a bit surprised when I first walked out onto Route 4. I wasn’t expecting to be walking out into a desert. Especially since Castelia City is a thriving sea port. Of course, since it’s a desert, every battle has the annoying sandstorm weather condition. Thankfully there’s a small building set up where you can rest and heal your Pokémon whenever you want. So it wasn’t that bad. read more

Pokemon Journal: The Incompetent Team Plasma!


Welcome back to Unova! When we last checked in, Team Plasma had stolen the Dragon Skull from the Nacrene City Museum. Together with Burgh, Cheren, and Bianca we all set out to find them and return the Skull to its rightful place in the museum. Unfortunately for everyone else involved, I was being lazy and called it quits for the day. So now that Team Plasma has had some time to escape, let’s see how far they managed to get.


Obviously, Team Plasma has escaped through the Pinwheel Forest and is heading towards the next town, so Burgh and I head after them. However I was a bit disappointed when we made it to the forest. I was fully expecting Burgh to stay with me and we’d fight double battles for the whole duration of the forest, similar to what happened several times back in Pokémon Diamond. Instead, Burgh offered to take the direct route to the exit and block it while I took the long way on my own to try to weed out Team Plasma. read more

Pokemon Journal: Battle at the Library!


Welcome back everyone! When we last went exploring in Unova, we managed to stop Team Plasma from roughing up an innocent little Munna. Then almost immediately after that we had to stop them again from stealing a random little girl’s Pokémon. We then traveled west to Nacrene city in hopes of gaining our second gym badge. Unfortunately, we were still very under leveled to even consider facing the gym. So off we went for some intense level grinding.


Most of the level grinding took place in the outer area of the Pinwheel Forest. I would have loved to train in the inner area of the forest, but Team Plasma is busy making a human barricade just inside the entrance. I’m not sure what they’re planning, but they’re mumbling stuff to themselves and it doesn’t sound pleasant. read more

Pokemon Journal: Let Go of That Pokemon!

Pokemon Black Logo

Welcome back to Pokémon Black. When we left off, we had just beaten the first Gym and received the Trio Badge. Then when we left the Gym, we were greeted by Professor Juniper’s friend Fennel. Fennel is also a Pokémon Scientist and is currently in the middle of researching Pokémon dreams. To do that she needs us to head out into the Dreamyard and track down a Pokémon known as Munna. This little pink Pokémon gives off a “Dream Mist” which is vital for Fennel’s research. So off we go to the Dreamyard. read more

Pokémon Journal: Welcome to Unova!

Pokemon Black Logo

Welcome to another one of my Pokémon adventures! I took a much longer brake than I meant to since my last adventure ended, and now I have doubts I can meet my original goal of beating all the main series games from generation IV onwards by the end of the year. But that’s ok, adventures aren’t supposed to have time limits. You’re supposed to enjoy it for however long it lasts, and I intend to do just that. Anyway, I’ve begun to ramble, so let’s get this adventure started.

Pokemon Black Boxart read more

Pokemon Journal: The End of a Journey!

Pokemon Diamond Logo

Welcome back to the final chapter of our journey through the Sinnoh region of the Pokémon world. When we left off, we were doing our final preparations before challenging the Elite Four to become the Pokémon Champion. So with everyone at a high enough level, and plenty of items, it’s time to fulfill our ultimate goal. Let’s Go!

Staraptor Barry Floatzel
Heracross Rapidash
Snorlax Torterra

Of course, there’s one last hurdle before the Elite Four. Before I can walk through the doors, Barry comes rushing in wanting one finally match before challenging the Elite Four himself. If he can’t beat me, then he has no chance against the Elite Four. The same can be said about me if I can’t beat him. Barry has done quite a bit of training since the last time we saw him, and his team is very well rounded. As strong as he has become, I’m still stronger and I’ll be the one to finally face the Elite Four. read more

Pokemon Journal: The Final Stretch!

Pokemon Diamond Logo

Welcome back everyone! When we left off, Team Galactic had finally been defeated, and all of the legendary Pokémon are in my possession. But with only 7 of the 8 gym badges, my journey isn’t over yet. We’re heading into the final stretch now as we go after our final gym badge and make our way towards the Elite Four.

Sinnoh Route 222

So far we’ve explored nearly every area of the region except for the eastern shore. If you’ll remember back, there seemed to have been some kind of blackout and they were denying entry to travelers. Thankfully, the issue has been resolved, and Route 222 is once again open to the public. There are quite a few tough trainers along this route making it a good place to train for the upcoming battle. Other than the trainers, it’s a rather straight forward route leading into Sunyshore City. read more

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