QuackShot Starring Donald Duck (Genesis) – Part 2

As we thought, the Sphinx Tear opens up the temple door back in Egypt. Of course, Egyptian temples have a Hollywood history of being filled with deadly traps, and this one is no different. First, there are walls of spikes and moving stones trying to smash Donald into them. We’ll have to be quick to climb over them or we won’t make it out of here alive.

Following that, we have the typical trap of spears shooting out of the floor. This is an easy trap to avoid, just keep running and they’ll pop up harmlessly behind us. But then there is the curveball. At the end of row of spears is a single spear that shoots off BEFORE we run over it. So we’re almost guaranteed to take damage from that one.

Death Count: 21

We barely survive those stupid spears when we come face to face with some of the occupants of this temple. However, it’s not a mummy like I would have thought. Instead it is a living breathing Egyptian. Not only that, but he’s not alone, and the pair of them ended up taking Donald out.

Death Count: 22

Avoiding the mistakes we made last time, we head deeper into the temple. We quickly come upon a hill lined with those same spears, and this time we’re expecting another one to try to trick us. When we somehow make it past them, we find ourselves standing on a tiny ledge over a pit of fire. Honestly, I should have seen it coming when that platform fell out from under us. Why would I think a small ledge over a pit of fire would be a good spot to catch a breather?

It looks as if that might have been the last obstacle in this room when suddenly we fall through the floor. Where we land has a handful of goodies, so we’re not mad. But then it looks like we can drop down again from here. That would bring us right back to the beginning. Are you kidding me? We could have skipped nearly this whole map if we simply climbed the wall instead? Well, now that we know, we won’t be going the long way ever again…

However, this isn’t the only area of this temple. From here, we find ourselves in a long hall filled with fire. We will need to jump from tiny platform to tiny platform without falling into the fire below. After that, there will be several bridges that fall out behind us while fire rains down from above. These at least are easy enough to avoid if we just keep running.

Death Count: 23

For the most part, we were having an easy time getting through this area. Then we screw ourselves over by second guessing. We step down onto one of the platforms and immediately jump back to a safe ledge to plan out or next move. Unfortunately, that small step was enough to destroy the platform. Now missing a platform, we JUST miss making the next step and end up falling into the fire.

Death Count: 24

That misstep cost us our last life and sends us all the way back to the beginning of the temple. Thankfully, that shortcut we found allows us to skip the whole first room. Unfortunately, we don’t make it much farther in a second attempt. We jumped a little early on one of the platforms and miss the next.

Death Count: 25

An early mistake costs us yet another life pretty much before we even started. However, we do make it through the room on the following attempt. It’s really not a difficult room, and certainly not one that should have taken 4 lives to get across…

The next room is more annoying than it is difficult. It is an incredibly narrow corridor with several steep hills. As soon as we enter, a large fireball starts chasing us. However, there is no option other than to run, since the corridor is so tight. But there are also no other obstacles to avoid. So in the end, this whole room is more of less a waste of time as long as you keep moving. There is a slight trap at the end, where you will fall into a fire pit if you don’t keep moving right. But it should only ever catch you once, if ever.

Death Count: 26

Now we’re at the deepest part of the temple. We enter a small room, and suddenly the music picks up into a panic. The ceiling is falling, and the path behind us has been sealed! We try to climb the far wall, but we’re not fast enough. We’re trapped. One of the decorative tiles on the floor seems to have sunk in, so we take refuge there. But it doesn’t do any good. Donald is crushed to death under the weight of the falling ceiling.

Death Count: 32

That was our last life this continue, and so we are forced all the way back to the beginning of the temple. In our haste, we actually die 4 more times on the return trip. Once we do make it back to the room, we still don’t know what we’re supposed to do. We saw no clues anywhere on the trip here. We don’t see any clues in the room itself. All we can do is try jumping on all the decorative tiles and hope for the best, but nothing happens.

Death Count: 38

WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO DO?! Is there a gap we can hide in? will the Bubble Gun break something. Is there a fake wall somewhere? WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?!

Ok, deep breath, calm down. Breathe in… Breathe out… There has to be a solution. This is the only location we can make progress in. there have been no visible clues in the temple for what we should do. None of the weapons do anything. There must be something we’re missing. Left with few other options, we open our menu and examine the few items we are carrying. We have the Hero Key, the Sphinx Tear, and random piece of paper (possibly the map). We examine all of them, and right there on the piece of paper is the solution we were looking for. 1 Sun, 2 Moon, 3 Star. It was in our pocket the whole entire time!

So, let’s put that pattern to the test. First the sun stone, then the moon stone, then the star stone. Sure enough, as soon as we press in the star stone, the music goes back to normal and the ceiling starts raising up to where it came from.

Now that the danger has passed. We can safely climb the wall, and collect our treasure, the Scepter of Ra! Now, I’m not much of a history buff. But if I remember right, Ra was the Egyptian Sun God. If that’s the case, I bet we can use this scepter to melt the ice in the South Pole and free that key.

First things first, we need to get out of this temple, and our path backwards has already been blocked off. Good thing there is this ladder right here for us. After climbing down a ways, the ladder unfortunately breaks, dropping us right into a conveniently placed mine cart.

Death Count: 41

Sadly, this mine cart is not going to get us out of the temple safely. It will try it’s best. It will ride us straight into treasure and health items. It will keep rushing along as a bridge collapses behind us. But when the track itself ends, we have no choice but to jump out and move along to the next mine cart.

Worst of all, when we get a game over down here in the mine cart section, we are sent ALL THE WAY BACK to before we opened the temple in the first place. We need to do THE WHOLE THING over again.

ONE MORE TIME we go thought the ENTIRE temple, solve the riddle, get the scepter and drop down to the mine cart. This is a ridiculously short section that once again, should not be giving me this much trouble. At one point I couldn’t even get Donald into the cart, he was just kind of riding along the lip of the damn thing… SOMEHOW we make it all the through the area and out of the temple.

Anyway, we leave Egypt and quickly head to the South Pole. We already set our checkpoint, so it’s a short trip. All we have to do is use the Scepter of Ra to melt the ice and then the Viking Key is ours.

Another quick trip north, and we’re back at the Viking Ship. We use the key and quickly head below deck. Here, we find a few ghosts, but nothing we do to them seems to have any effect.

Death Count: 42

Surprisingly, we also find a good handful of Pete’s Gang members down here, including a new extra strong member. This new member actually runs around like a football player and Donald’s plunger Gun isn’t strong enough to stop him. The best we can do is try to jump over him.

Now, we have a bit of a problem. there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to go below deck. We climb down the ladder on the left, make it to the bottom, head right, climb the ladder back up to the top, go left, and we’re back where we started. It’s a small area, and I don’t see any other paths that we could have taken. We can destroy some of the barrels with Vikings hiding in them with the Bubble Gun, but none of them reveal anything new.

We start checking absolutely everywhere looking for clues, and we finally find what we’re looking for. The very center of the ship looks like a solid wall, but there is actually a secret passageway inside leading to a secret door at the center of the ship.

Death Count: 43

Inside, we find the ghostly boss, and undead Viking Warrior. As would be expected at this point, he manages to kill us instantly.

Second attempt, we’ve learned to duck and avoid the Viking’s hammer when he throws it across the screen. We start shooting at its ankles, but it causes no damage at all. Even worse, the Viking warrior quickly learns to aim lower if it wants to hit us.

If shooting it in the ankle won’t work, how about a head shot? THAT lands and does damage. So much so that he falls down into the pile of bones he really is.

The Viking Warrior quickly gathers his body parts back together right behind Donald. However, if we’re quick, we can actually shoot him in the head again before he manages to launch his next attack.

Death Count: 45

The Viking Warrior manages to kill Donald a few times, but it doesn’t matter. We’ve already learned the attack pattern, we just need to execute it now. After landing several headshots on the warrior, he finally falls for good, and we can report back to the captain.

Unfortunately, the captain is a lying bastard. He never actually had the diary in the first place. So he likewise can’t give it to us as a reward for clearing out his ship. However, there is an old legend saying it might be hidden in the South Pole. That’s probably how he lost his keys in the first place.

As a consolation prize, he gives us an ancient Viking plunger, which is capable of flying if we use it to catch something that can already fly… can you run that by me again? I’m not entirely sure what he means by that.

Death Count: 46

Either way, we head back to the South Pole, and everything quickly becomes clear. There is a wide chasm in the ice that is completely impossible to cross. Unless of course we had some way to fly over it. Luckily, Pete employs several birds in his gang, and one of them just so happens to fly overhead. With the new plunger upgrade we can stick one onto it and hang on for dear life as it flies us across. Though our ability to get across safely is still up for debate.

Death Count: 51

Once again, I’m embarrassed by how many deaths it took to figure out what we were supposed to do. I thought we needed to jump from bird to bird, and I couldn’t figure out how to shoot them mid jump. It wasn’t until after several failed attempts that I discovered we actually control the bird we’re holding onto. So all we need to do is avoid all the other birds flying around us. Most of them have bombs that they’ll try to drop on top of us, so it’s probably best to fly over them rather than under.

Death Count: 54

Once we finally make it past all those birds, we are presented with a new jumping challenge. Much like the fire pits back in the Egyptian Temple, none of these jumps are particularly difficult. However, the ice physics do make it a little tricky. Not to mention there are hungry killer whales in the water ready to make a meal out of Donald if the opportunity presents itself.

Death Count: 57

After getting another game over, we’re back to needing to catch another bird to fly over the chasm again. It’s here that we notice a very curious thing. First, I apparently learned nothing the first time, because I die multiple times getting through here again. But more importantly, the invisible barriers in this map seem to shift depending on where we attach the plunger on the bird. When we attach it closer to the bird’s nose, we can fly almost completely out of the top frame, but we can only fly as low as the purple horizon line. On the flip side, if we attach it more towards the belly, the invisible barriers seem to line up more appropriately with the top and bottom of the screen. It’s just a weird little glitch that caught my attention… While Donald fell to his death multiple times…

Death Count: 59

Anyway, we eventually make it through the flying section again, and for once we were actually doing well at the next jumping section. That is, until one of the platforms suddenly started rising out of the water. I’m not sure why it was such a distraction. We had already jumped onto the next platform by the time it got any significant height. Even so, the concentration was broken and we fell into the water.

We know it’s coming now, so with one more run across the platforms we finally make it all the way to the other side. Honestly, that wasn’t as hard as I was making it. What is wrong we me this late in the game?

After finding nothing of interest in the next area, we guess that the Diary must have become buried under years of snow and ice. Since there really aren’t any other options, we quickly jump down one of the cracks in the ground. However, we just as quickly learn that we weren’t the only ones with this idea. Somehow members of Pete’s Gang have already found their way underground and are looking for the Diary as well.

There are also some seals trapped down here that pose as minor obstacles. However, the real enemy down here is the menu system. There is several spots where we need to switch back and forth between the bubble gun to break some ice, and the plunger gun to climb a wall. It becomes noticeably annoying as we make our way through this ice maze.

After shooting out some ice that was blocking our path. We accidentally stumble upon the lost Viking Diary we were looking for originally. It really worked its way down into the ice over the years.

Now that we have the map and the Viking Diary, we should be able to find that lost treasure. Unfortunately, Pete had the same idea. While we were busy digging out the Diary, Pete went and kidnapped the kids. If we want them back, we’ll have to hand over everything we’ve found. Reluctantly, Donald hands everything over. He’d never hear the end of it from Daisy if he came back with treasure but no kids.

However, just because we handed everything over doesn’t mean we’ve given up. As soon as we have the kids back, we hop into our plane and chase Pete back to his hideout. We’ll just have to steal it back from him now, that’s all.

We follow Pete’s plane all the way into a dark forest. Once again, we’ll have to enlist the unwilling aid of Pete’s own gang members to fly over an otherwise impassable canyon blocking our path.

Death Count: 60

After what we faced at the South Pole, this flight was a breeze. Once we reach the other side, however, we must still fight our way through hungry fish jumping out of the water to eat Donald. We also need to cross an old decrepit bridge that falls apart at the slightest touch. Unfortunately for us, our presence on the bridge attracts the attention of some snakes lounging in the trees above. With them falling on Donald’s head, he’s unable to cross the bridge before it falls out from beneath him.

We manage to avoid the snakes on the bridge this time, however, the whole area seems to be swarming with more snakes trying to stop us. If we can just get past them we can reach the pulley and zipline away from them. Along the way, we’ll gather up a nice chicken to restore our health and even an extra live to keep us going.

From here, we find ourselves riding another mine cart to certain doom. After our experience in the Egyptian Temple, we’re ready for its tricks. Sure enough, the track drops away after a short distance and we need to jump to the next mine cart. Thankfully, we only need to transfer twice before our ride comes to an end.

Death Count: 62

Once inside the hideout, we are faced with a simple, yet seemingly impossible obstacle. There are several sets of flying platforms that keep flying out and back again from a central unit. All we need to do wait for the platforms to be in place and then jump between them. However, this whole section is positioned over a deadly bottomless pit, so a single bad jump will be the end for Donald.

Death Count: 63

There are a few safe platforms along the way that mark our progress and allow us a short breather. However, the last of these platforms seems like it’s simply too far away to reach. Even waiting for the perfect timing, Donald simply can’t jump far enough to reach it.

Death Count: 70

The multiple failed jumps obviously become annoying very quickly. But more annoying than that is the fact that we have to do the whole stage over again when we get a game over. It takes so long to get back to the floating platforms.

We finally get a brilliant idea. If the platform is too far away, let’s just make a new platform that is closer. So before we jump, we launch a plunger at the wall to act as a foothold. This time we finally make it across the gap and past this section of the hideout.

Death Count: 72

Sadly, we’re not out of harm’s way just yet. We’re now at the deepest part of the hideout and it is swarming with members of Pete’s Gang. We eventually start crawling through some narrow ducts to find Pete, but even here there are enemies standing in our way. At one point we take an alternate route that looks promising, but that ends up just dropping Donald into a bottomless pit. We really do have to fight our way through.

At this point, nothing is going to stop Donald from getting back that treasure map. And so he fights his way through the hordes of gang members until he eventually finds himself face to face with Pete himself. Of course, he knows what we’ve come for, and right away he offers to return the stolen items. If we can defeat him that is.

It’s hardly going to be a fair fight, however. Shortly after issuing his challenge, Pete sinks into the ground only to emerge seconds later riding a massive hydraulic press. It’s actually very reminiscent of something Dr. Robotnik would ride in a Sonic game.

To make matters worse, Pete’s Gang is positioned strategically around the room to keep Donald on his toes. In fact, these appear to be the smartest of all of Pete’s Gang members because they are the only ones we’ve encountered so far that actually DUCK to avoid being hit by Donald’s Plunger Gun.

Death Count: 73

As expected, shooting any part of the hydraulic press causes no damage at all. Instead we’re going to have to aim our shots right at Pete’s head. Since he’s confined to the track the machine moves on, it’s easy to find places to line up a good shot. But between Pete and his gang members, it’s a bit difficult to get those shots off without taking damage ourselves.

Death Count: 74

After a couple attempts, we start to learn Pete’s pattern, and we learn where the good spots are to bait him. Before we know it, he’s waving his white flag in defeat.

Pete hands over the Diary as promised, but then something weird happened. Or rather, didn’t happen. We didn’t transition back to the world map, no door appeared, we can’t leave the room the way we came, even the music stopped. It appears as if the game has broken and we’re trapped in this room forever…

We spend several minutes checking every corner of the room for something we missed, but there is nothing. Eventually we start going through our inventory checking all our items. Sure enough, checking the diary we just got back tells us what to do. Apparently we need to dip the map in some water and it will show the location of the treasure. To my knowledge, Donald doesn’t currently have any water with him, so I don’t know what he’s planning to dip that map in…

Whatever Donald did actually worked. An island appeared on the map in the South Atlantic Ocean. This should be the location of the treasure, and therefore our final destination for our journey. Without a doubt this should be the hardest area we’ve faced yet. But with the treasure so close, there’s no way we’re turning back now.

Death Count: 75

The plane drops Donald off in a dense forest area. After climbing a steep slope, Donald must jump across delicate palm leaves before they drop out beneath him. Of course, the developers just had to tempt us by putting some collectables under the leaves. If we’re fast enough, it is possible to collect them and still make the next jump… Unfortunately, we weren’t that fast, and Donald fell to his death.

Death Count: 76

After the leaves, we must fight our way past a couple of snakes as we jump between narrow platforms. Once at the top of the next hill, our only available path is down through a series of old decrepit boards that break under Donald’s weight. If he keeps moving to the right as he falls, he’ll be fine. However, if he waits too long, he’ll end up falling down the bottomless pit to his death.

Death Count: 78

We quickly learn our lesson and make it past the falling boards. This brings us to a series of vines we need to jump between. On first sight, this looks like an easy task. However, as soon as we step on the vines, they inexplicably burst into flames and start burning away beneath Donald’s feet. We need to be quick and jump back and forth between the vines to reach the safe platform at the top and head into the next area.

Past the vines, we apparently managed to enter the temple where the treasure is hidden. Once again, we are tricked by a spear that triggers BEFORE we walk over it. However, this is immediately followed by a zipline ride which includes a chicken to bring us back up to full health, so no harm done.

Sadly, this will be the only good news we get inside this temple. As soon as we get past the zipline, we are confronted by stone temple guards. With their stone shields, they can easily block Donald’s plunger shots. Then once they’re close enough, they’ll start attacking Donald with their swords. All we can do is try to jump over them and make a run for it.

We quickly learn that this temple has elements from the other temples as well. There are rings of fire that we need to carefully navigate through. Then shortly after there are the moving platforms trying to squish Donald into the spike walls. Of course, this is made even harder by the fact that those temple guards are still following us.

Death Count: 79

After hitting a dead end, we need to back track a bit and see what it is we could have missed. Taking a hint from before, we look for passages up that wouldn’t have been immediately obvious the first time through. Sure enough, we find the opening we were looking for and make our way up and out of the temple.

Death Count: 80

This puts us on the side of a cliff with no visible path forward. As illogical as it might be, I can only assume that we can jump onto those little wispy clouds. They’re the only thing I can see from here that might be a platform. We learn too late that this was a mistake. Apparently there are invisible platforms we need to jump on to make it across this canyon. They only become visible once we’re close enough to them. My leap of faith happened to position Donald right between two of them and he unfortunately fell to his death.

Death Count: 81

We need to take this part slow. It’s very hard to plan your jump when you can’t see where you’re trying to land after all. Surprisingly, we only die one additional time before we manage to make it all the way across the gap.

As it turns out, that was the very last obstacle before we come face to face with, I can only assume, the spirit of King Garuzia himself. Needless to say, he is not very open to the idea of simply handing over his treasure. After taking a few steps towards Donald, he actually THROWS his sword across the room with enough force to not only pass straight through Donald, but also embed it several inches into the far wall.

The force of the King’s attack actually manages to dislodge a few stones from the ceiling above. None of them look like they’re going to hit Donald, so we take the opportunity to get a few shots off on the King. Unfortunately, they pass right through him. Well, his ankles at least. We probably have to shoot him in the head too like the other bosses. What’s worse though, is that those stones that fell from the ceiling actually started to roll down the steps beside the King until they landed right on top of Donald. So I guess we’ll have to pay more attention to those falling stones than we originally though.

Death Count: 82

Needless to say, we did not manage to kill the king this attempt. It was also our last life this continue, so we get sent ALL THE WAY BACK to the start of the stage and we need to do all of that all over again.

We get back to the King’s Chambers without much trouble and start to formulate a plan of attack. If we stand at the top of the steps, the King can’t hit us with his sword when he throws it. Once the sword hits the wall, we need to quickly rush down to the first step and shoot the king in the face with a plunger.

Death Count: 83

The biggest flaw with this plan is those stones falling from the ceiling. Sometimes they follow the stairs all the way down. Other times they just fall straight through to the ground. It’s hard to judge where is safe when you don’t know how they’re going to fall.

We modify the plan slightly from there. Instead of stopping on the first step, we go all the way to the bottom and hide close towards the center of the room. From this position, most of the blocks will fall harmlessly to the side, and we have enough time to move out of the way if it looks like one will fall straight down. Then, once all the blocks are gone, we still have time to quickly jump up and shoot the king before he summons his sword back to himself.

Death Count: 84

It takes a little while, but we finally get the rhythm of this new attack pattern. However, even with this new safer pattern, it was a nail bitter of a fight. Donald’s health dropped all the way down to just 1 health left. But we did our best to continue the fight, and after a few more hits, we were victorious! King Garuzia has been defeated and acknowledges Donald as someone truly worthy of his treasure.

The treasure room opens, and inside Donald finds, quite to his dismay, only a single life-size stone statue of a duck princess… Dejected, Donald returns home with his treasure only to get an earful from a very displeased Daisy. Honestly, I’m not sure why either of them are upset. That is a one of a kind, several hundred year old statue that looks to be both of high detail and great condition. It might not be gold and jewels, but it’s probably still worth a small fortune.

As the kids unload the statue from the plane, the unthinkable happens, and they drop it, breaking it in half. Thankfully, the statue was hollow, and housed a rather large gold necklace with a huge jewel in the center of it. Now Daisy is happy and gives Donald a big kiss, which causes him to start flying with joy. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN REAL USEFUL IF YOU COULD HAVE FLOWN EARLIER DONALD!!! Whatever. Either way, it’s the end, and everyone appears to be happy. Thanks for joining me!


Gameplay – 7 / 10

In general, the game played well. The levels were mostly straight forward and on the easy side. However, they were set up in such a way that they could just as easily catch you off guard, like they did to me very often. The one complaint that does come to mind is that there were a few spots where you needed to constantly switch between weapons, and going in and out of the menu to do that was a bit annoying. But those instances were rare, so I’m not going to dwell on it. Other than that, I do want to praise the game for at least trying to feel like an open world game. You could go to the world map and head to any of the locations whenever you wanted. Because of this, it gives you the feeling like you’re in control. It’s a lie, since you still have to finish the levels in a more or less set order, and really only causes unnecessary backtracking. However, it gives the illusion of choice which is sometimes just as good.

Graphics – 7 / 10

The graphics are a bit of a toss-up for me. On one hand, the sprites are big, colorful, and detailed. Everything you would expect to see from a Disney branded game. However, there didn’t feel to be much life to anything. Many of the enemies seemed to only have 2 or 3 frames of animation, which made them feel very stiff. Likewise, the generic Pete enemy with a gun could be found in nearly every stage. They usually got a different outfit at least, but that’s not much better than a typical pallet swap.

Audio – 7 / 10

Much like with the graphics, the audio is a bit of a toss-up. Most of the background music was fine, some of it even catchy. It all worked for the levels it was used in and I haven no real complaints. The problem I have is with the lack of sound effects. Donald taking damage and the plunger sticking to something make up about 90% of all the sounds I think I heard in the whole game. There are a few other sounds, but not many. So once again, the world being created just feels a bit lifeless without them.

Story – 8 / 10

The story of the game can hardly be called deep. Donald found a treasure map and the whole game is following that treasure hunt through to the end. It’s not much, but it’s still more than most games of the time, so I have to give it some credit for trying. The inclusion of the world map and the fetch quests at the end of each stages made it feel like you were really tracking down all these clues, and it kept you engaged in the story. Functionally, it only added unnecessary backtracking, but in this case it’s really the thought that counts.

Total Playtime – 2h 59m

It took me just shy of 3 hours to beat the game. That’s from the first time ever starting it until I actually beat it. For the time, and for the genre, that’s not terrible. Now that I’ve beaten the game, I would expect that number to come way down for subsequent playthroughs. I would estimate a perfect run would only take maybe an hour to get through the whole game. So in that regard, this could probably be fun to play as a speed run game. While playing, I was happy to have been playing on an emulator, since it gave me the ability to save and come back later. It would have been nice to have a built in save feature, but like I said, a perfect run should only take maybe an hour, so even starting over without finishing, you should be able to get back to where you were without much trouble.

Total Deaths – 84 Deaths

This death count is definitely way too high for how easy this game generally is. Honestly I feel like I played very sloppy throughout most of the game because there wasn’t much consequence if I died. The game already comes with unlimited continues, which I for one was very pleased to see. So many games of the time artificially dragged out their play time by giving you limited lives to beat the game. Yes, this practice made you play the game more than you probably would otherwise, but on the other hand there are so many games I was never able to finish because of this practice. Anyway, back to the game itself, all of the levels were objectively very easy. Once I learned the layouts I was able to rush through the stages with hardly any difficulty at all. This left most of the game’s difficulty in the bosses themselves. Here, the game does a rather good job as well. All of the bosses had a bit of challenge to them, which came as a good contract to the otherwise easy stages. However, none of them felt unfair. They all had very simple pattern that were relatively easy to learn. After that it was just up to executing that pattern to easily defeat these bosses.

Overall Score – 7 / 10

Being a Disney game, I went into this with very high expectations, and sadly it did not deliver. But that’s not to say it’s a bad game, it’s just not up to the standard I have come to expect from Disney games. However, if we throw out the expectation, it’s still a pretty good game overall. The graphics are good and detailed, but a little stiff. The music is catchy, but maybe not quite memorable. The story is better than most platformers, but still kind of shallow. Basically every aspect of the game is good, just not particularly great. There’s nothing here that I feel would make the game a must have classic of the system. But at the same time, there isn’t anything so terrible about the game that I really feel the need to be critical of it. It’s not a particularly rare game, I was able to buy my copy for only about $15. So if you’re a fan of platformers and want to expand your Genesis library, I would say it’s worth it. Just don’t be expected to be blown away.

Is there a reason why half the staff chose not to use their real names in the credits?

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