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Article: Final Fantasy VII (PS) – Part 12

We’re back with another chapter for Final Fantasy VII! Join Cloud and company as they finally make their way to Cosmo Canyon! Here we learn of the dangers facing the planet, as well as a look into Red XIII’s past. Find out what we learned in Final Fantasy VII (PSone) – Part 12!

Pokemon Journal: The Celestial Tower!

Why have I been stalling on this update for over 3.5 years? I’ve barely done anything, and I basically abandoned my game halfway through because of it. Sadly, I don’t have an answer for that question. But we’re back now, so let’s see if I can remember what little progress I made all that time ago.

After arriving in Mistralton City, we hear there is a sick Pokémon in the Celestial Tower to the north of town, and we are invited by Gym Leader Skyla to help. Taking her up on this offer we head north to Route 7, fighting our way through all the trainers and wild encounters along the way. This leads to very slow progress through the relatively short route, which is counterintuitive to our goal of rushing to help the sick Pokémon.

Eventually we do make it to the Celestial Tower, but that doesn’t mean out battles are over. Despite being the final resting place for fallen Pokémon in the Unova Region, we still encounter several trainers inside itching to challenge us to battle. Seems disrespectful, but I guess we’re in the right place if we end up killing their Pokémon in the process.

In addition to trainers, we also manage to catch a Litwick, and I am so happy about that. I know Litwick wasn’t a very popular Pokémon at the time, falling under the argument of lazy design. “Oh, look, it’s just a candle, the Pokémon Company has run out of ideas!”. Shut up! Gen 1 had eggs, a purple rat that evolved into a normal rat, and not one but TWO different ducks that both looked like normal ducks. Not every Pokémon has a complex design. Anyway, I’m a sucker for ghost types, and Litwick is deceptively deadly. Just look at its Pokédex entry. “Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.” Yeah, that’s not just a candle, it’s a candle that is literally sucking the life out of you to feed its flame. So, move over Munna, Litwick has souls to burn!

Now that we have our Litwick, we finally make our way to the top of the tower. Here we find Skyla who, obviously, has already finished healing the sick Pokémon. Of course she did. We took 2 hours to walk 100 feet out of town and climb up 5 flights of stairs. But since we’re here, Skyla says we should ring the bell at the top of the tower. It’s said the bell’s sound will reflect the nature of the person who rang it. According to Skyla, the bell says we’re a kind and strong person, so only good things.

With that, Skyla heads back to town and tells us she’ll be waiting at the Gym to challenge us. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume she never expected us to spend 3.5 years on top of that tower, but that’s exactly what we ended up doing. I think she’s waited long enough. Let’s head back to town and see if we can FINALLY earn our 6th badge and continue on our journey.

Current Team:

Litwick Darmanitan Vanillish
Level: 36 Level: 38 Level: 37
Serperior Swoobat Seismitoad
Level: 39 Level: 36 Level: 37

Play Time: 31h 55m

Badges: 5

Pokédex Entries: 86


30 Minute: Dr. Mario (NES)

After a long break, we’re finally back with a new article! This time, Dr. Mario is on the scene to help fight the virus menace that is plaguing the world! But does Mario have the skills to save us? Find out in Dr. Mario (NES)!

Let’s Get Back To Work!

Hello to anyone that actually visits this site!

Just thought I should give a quick update. With everything that was going on in 2020 I kind of fell into a rut and obviously stopped posting anything on here. Well I feel like it’s been long enough and I want to get back into writing. So keep an eye out for my upcoming articles.

Somehow it’s been 3.5 years since the last time I checked in on Pokemon Black. I’ve made slight progress since then and have intentionally not played it any more until I wrote about that progress, or else I might forget what I did. Ideally I’ll start that back up and we can actually finish that game.

On top of Pokemon Black, I have also started Pokemon Ruby. However, this isn’t going to be a normal playthrough. That would be too easy. Instead I’m following challenge rules (Probably not the challenge rules you’re thinking of), and now it’s a nightmare. I make no promises that i can actually finish the game under these challenge rules, but lets see how far we can get. So look forward to that.

Most importantly, we need to finish Final Fantasy VII! I left off the articles at about halfway through the game. And if i remember right, my actual gameplay has my party standing right in front of the final boss fight of the game. So I’m really excited to finish that game off, as it’s been a goal for the site since it was started.

Before all that though, it has been so long since I last wrote an article that I kind of forget what I was doing before. So first things first, lets get a quick 30-Minute Review article done as a bit of a refresher course before we get into the larger articles.

There we go. I have set my goals, and posted it for the internet to see. So now I have to follow through and actually do the work. Check back soon for the first article and we’ll try to keep at least somewhat regular postings from there.

Please stop trying to hack into my site

To whoever is trying to hack into my site, please stop. I know i haven’t posted anything recently, but i haven’t abandoned this site. Even if you do manage to get in, what is your goal?

  • I have back-ups of the site if anything is changed

  • I don’t have a huge following to spread some virus to

  • I have no money or desire to pay a ransom to get the site back

All you’re doing is flooding my mailbox with failed log in attempt warnings. So i ask, please stop.

Thank you.

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