Earthbound – Day 08

–Day 08–

After finally restocking my pockets full of hamburgers, it’s off to the next town. Just as Captain Strong instructed, the other officers have removed the barricades leading to Twoson. Let’s see what dangers await us ahead.

Well, I can’t really say anything about dangers, but there is a funny little house along the road. And in this house is a family of exit mice. These little guys will come along with me as an item, and if I use them, they will help guide me out of any caves I’m in. I figured that could be useful, so I’m willing to give up an inventory slot for that.

Honestly, the path between Onett and Twoson was rather uneventful. I am a bit happy though, because I think I figured out what those magical butterflies do. It looks like when you catch one, they restore a bit of your PP. now that I know that, I can make better use of them.

Well, now that we’re here in Twoson, it’s time to start exploring. By chance, the first spot I end up in is Burglin Park, a sort of open air flea market by the looks of it. It looks like there’s quite a bit of stuff to buy here.

Among the other things for sale in the market, I want to point out two things in particular. First is the “For Sale Sign”. This item will summon a random crazy person to you who will buy any of the items your carrying but don’t want anymore. This could come in very handy on longer cave runs to free up inventory space.

The other thing I want to point out is the condiment stand. Apparently you can buy different condiments like ketchup or hot sauce to put on your food. Doing so will apparently enhance the healing effects it has when you eat it. For lack of inventory space, I only purchased ketchup. I’m curious to see what it ends up doing to my hamburgers.

During my shopping spree, I start talking to the various people in the park, and I come to find out there’s a somewhat dark presence watching over the whole thing. Apparently a person named Everdred is in charge of the park. If I’m to believe what I’ve heard about him, he has ties to many burglaries and kidnappings in the area. But he does offer his protection to the park, so I’m not sure if I should fear him or not.

That question is answered for me rather quickly when I actually encounter him. As soon as I get close to his house, he jumps down from the roof and attacks without warning.

Going into this fight, I have max HP and PP as well as a pocket full of hamburgers. So needless to say, I’m not too worried about this fight. On top of that, his attacks aren’t anything worse than what the Titanic Ant or Chief Strong were doing. So there’s no real cause for concern.

However, Everdred does one thing that the others didn’t, and that is stealing from me. Every few turns Everdred will try to steal one of the items in my inventory. Thankfully, this theft attempt usually fails, but he does manage to sneak off with one of my burgers before the battle is done.

After coming to his senses, Everdred mentions finding out about the girl Paula. It would seem she has gone off to a secret hideout in the Grateful Dead Valley. Unfortunately, a chubby boy and a weird guy in a blue outfit have kidnapper her.

If I don’t save her soon, they’re going to make her into a human sacrifice. In fact, she may already be dead. But if I do manage to save her, I need to be sure to come back and tell him. Well, that sounds like good enough motivation to go save her. Of course without an actual ticking clock, we are free to finish exploring the town before we even think to go look for her.

I was going to head to the hotel and quit for now, but along the way something weird happened. Once again, the photographer guy from before fell from the sky to take my picture. What is his deal? Just like last time, as soon as the picture was taken, he floated back into the sky and was gone again. I really hope the game explains what he’s all about.

Anyway, that’s it for now. Join us again next time as we finish exploring Twoson and see what this new town has to offer.