Earthbound – Day 11

–Day 11–

What else could I possibly do right now that would help me get past that iron pencil statue? For quite some time I was simply wandering around town just talking to and retalking to every person I could find. Someone must know something that will help.

Sadly, talking to everyone I could find brought about no new information. Maybe I’m supposed to clear all the ghosts out of the tunnel myself first so we can get help from the next town over. I was honestly surprised to find out that you can’t fight the ghosts in the tunnel. But unfortunately, that wasn’t what we needed to do right now either. After making it most of the way through the tunnel the ghosts simply teleported Ness back to the beginning, just like they did with the bus.

After another sweep through the town pointlessly talking to people, I decide to go check out the Iron Pencil again. The only new item I have is the receiver phone, and that obviously does nothing. So I’m stuck at this point and have no clue what to do.

Suddenly, my luck changes. Apparently checking out the statue again was exactly what I needed to do. As soon as I get out of the tunnel and back into Twoson, Apple Kid calls us on the receiver phone to tell us he has finished his latest invention. This is exactly the break we were looking for.

Unfortunately Apple Kid isn’t home when I go to talk to him. Where could he be? Thankfully Orange Kid is waiting outside his own house ready to tell me, with some noticeable jealousy in his voice. Apparently Apple Kid has run off to Burglin Park looking for us. So I guess I’ll head up there and start looking for him looking for us as well.

It took me longer than I care to admit to find him in the park, mostly because he’s hiding down in the corner away from all the vendors. I didn’t think to look there. Anyway, Apple Kid has finished his latest invention, the “Pencil Eraser”. This device will eradicate all pencil-shaped figures, which sounds exactly like what I need.

It took longer than I would like to admit, but we’re finally prepared to go rescue Paula. Join me next time as we head deep into Grateful Dead Valley and hopefully reach the Happy Happy Village.