Earthbound – Day 22

–Day 22–

Finally, all the zombies are gone and the path behind the graveyard is clear. It’s time to see where that tunnel actually leads. It’s not going to be very easy though. Apparently any zombies hiding in the tunnel escaped being captured on the Zombie Paper.

As we make our way towards the exit, there’s one last enemy we must face, a tiny little puke pile named Mini Barf. Don’t let his appearance deceive you though, he’s tougher than he looks. Of course, it doesn’t help that Ness was already possessed by a tiny ghost before the battle started.

Really, it’s not even that he’s strong, it’s the fact that he is constantly breathing out stinky gas that makes everyone cry and lose accuracy. It’s easy enough to heal, but there’s no point since he’ll just do it again and again. So slowly the team chips away at his health until he’s finally defeated.

With Mini Barf defeated, we are free to climb the ladder out of the tunnel. Outside is a man selling a few much needed healing items. He also informs us of a nearby village that doesn’t show up on any maps, Saturn Valley. We’re going to need the rest, so it would be best if we get there as quickly as possible.

Death Count: 4

Of course, this is a sentiment that I much easier said than done. The path from the cave entrance is just swarming with monsters. We tried to be cautious the whole way, but a large group of monsters by the village entrance got the best of us. They managed a surprise attack which knocked everyone’s health down pretty far. Then a smash hit against ness put our healer out of commission. After that, it wasn’t long before the whole team fell at the monsters hands.

It looks like we’re going to have to regroup back in Threek for a little while. Join us next time as we make another attempt at reaching Saturn Valley.