Earthbound – Day 33

–Day 33–

We’ve finally made it to Fourside, and it isn’t long before we start hearing people talking about the Runaway Brothers whom we previously helped back in Twoson. Now free from their evil manager, they are now the top performers at Fourside’s Topolla Theater. Good for them. We should probably check in on them. I’m sure they’d be happy to see us again.

Unfortunately, there’s a bit of sad news when we do see them. Apparently their new manager at the Topolla Theater is actually worse than their previous one. Somehow, in the short time since we last saw them, the Runaway Brothers have managed to rack up a million dollars worth of debt already. How? How could they manage to get ONE MILLION DOLLARS in debt in the short time since we saw them last?

At least we get to see their show again. Although, I think they might be a little depressed from their debt this time. They’re not exactly hitting their marks tonight and the show is a bit of a mess. It looks like we’re going to have to pay off their debt yet again, although I’m not entirely sure HOW we’re going to earn a million dollars in the first place.

We continue searching around Fourside, and the next person we start hearing about is Mr. Geldegarde Monotoli. He’s apparently an incredibly rich person who now basically controls the city now. Depending on who I ask, this could be either a good thing or a bad thing, I’m not really sure yet, but past experience has taught me it’s probably a bad thing.

Perhaps Mr. Monotoli can help us with the Runaway Brother’s debt, so I guess there’s no harm in going to see him. Before we do that though, we happen to find the bakery. If you remember, the sign in the desert said the person who lost the contact lens lives over the bakery. He is very grateful that we’ve returned then, and as a reward he offers us his socks. His old, smelly socks that he’s been wearing for the last 5 years… Thank you? I guess…

Leaving his presence as quickly as possible, we apparently find ourselves wandering into the Fourside Museum where they have some dinosaur bones on display. I love dinosaurs, and apparently the Photographer knows I love dinosaurs, because he was right there to capture the moment for us.

After talking with Mr. Spoon, the researcher in charge, we find out that this dinosaur is just a replica. However, there are rumors going around that real living dinosaurs are roaming around in the southern region of Scarabia. There are even rumors that they’ve started eating some of the natives. No naturally, the scientist doesn’t want to go there and get eaten too, but he’s perfectly comfortable sending out group of children in his place. He’s not asking for us to defeat them, just bring back a few pictures to help his research. Sounds like fun, very dangerous fun.

As we continue exploring the town, we also learn that the department store is apparently haunted. At the moment, there’s really nothing we can do about this. We’re not even allowed to enter the building yet. But we can be sure that we’ll be forced to get rid of those ghosts eventually.

It’s depressing to see that the department store is closed, but what’s more depressing is the hit and run our party was a victim of. That’s right! While innocently walking around town, a cab drove right into our heroes. Not that I’m trying to justify driving over young children, but it does look like the cab might have been possessed by something.

To make matters worse, it would seem even the traffic signs are under some kind of possession as they too jump out to attack our heroes. What kind of nightmare town is this where cars and street signs are actively trying to kill young children?

On a more light hearted note, we do find another bit of shameless self-promotion in the game by the developers. This time we stumble upon a developers meeting for the game’s sequel Mother 3. It’s nice to see that they were planning for a third game that far in advance. It’s just sad it was never properly localized after they made it.

Anyway, that’s enough exploring for today. Join us again tomorrow as we finish exploring and most likely try to talk Mr. Monotoli into paying off the Runaway Brother’s Debt. See you then!