Earthbound – Day 35

–Day 35–

So we’re back with another day of hunting down Giant Moles. However, it’s quite easy to get lost in these caves. Thankfully, we stumble upon the family of Exit Mice once again. We haven’t seen these guys since we first entered Twoson, and it looks like we might actually need them at some point in here. Sadly for us, we don’t have the exit mouse with us right now, it’s currently in storage. We’ll have to call home and have him delivered to us soon.

Anyway, our aimless wandering through the maze eventually shows results as we walk right into another of the Giant Moles. To our surprise, this one claims to REALLY be the 3rd strongest of the 5 moles. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad, why would the other one lie about that? In any event, this one doesn’t seem much stronger than the last. In fact, one good hit from Paula’s PK Freeze γ is almost enough to kill it. Just a little more push and we have killed the 2nd of the 5 Guardian Diggers.

After a little more exploring, we’re starting to get a good feel for the layout of the maze. With that said, we quickly bump into the next Giant Mole. This one at least isn’t the 3rd strongest. Instead it falls between the second and the fourth….wait… that means this one IS also claiming to be 3rd strongest. In a way, they are all very consistent. None of them have seemed to be any stronger than the last, and they keep dying in just a few attacks.

Having defeated 3 of the 5 Giant Moles, it’s time to find our way to the exit so we can regroup and recover before going after the final 2. It was during this time that something rather odd happened. After defeating a Dry Coil Snake, it dropped a present which happened to have a Chick inside. Apparently it’s a live chick, and I can even hear it chirping over the background music. I really don’t know what I’m expected to do with a live chick, but for now I guess I’ll just have to love it and care for it.

We return to the HQ building, take a brief nap, make a few calls, and then it’s right back into the maze. The family of Exit Mice actually prove to be quite a useful landmark, and using them as reference we quickly find the next Giant Mole. It’s almost expected now, but this one ALSO claims to be the 3rd strongest of the 3 Giant Moles. Why 3rd? Why couldn’t you all fight over 1st?

At this point, there’s really only one path left to go down. There at the end of the tunnel is the final of the Giant Moles. This one acknowledges that we’ve already defeated the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th strongest masters, but now we need challenge the true 3rd strongest of the 5. This is just ridiculous, how am I supposed to know which one REALLY IS the true 3rd strongest? I guess we’ll just never know…

With that victory, all 5 of the Giant Moles have been defeated, and it’s time to head out of here. Sadly, I’m going to leave you hanging a bit to find out what our reward is. Join us next time to find out!