Earthbound – Day 38

–Day 38–

We need to get Paula back as soon as possible, but right now we don’t even know where she is. The only clue we were given was “Monotoli”, so we head over to his building to see if she is there. Unfortunately there’s nothing new to see here. The elevator still only brings us up to Porky and his dad, both of which give no new information. Likewise, the second elevator is still off limits to public use.

Despite our frustration as we search every inch of the Monotoli building and the surrounding area, the photographer decides to take another picture of us as we sneak around back. It’s really a bad time, we’re kind of trying to break in to this building right now. It doesn’t really help us to have photographic evidence of our crimes.

We spend quite a bit of time searching everywhere in town, talking to everyone trying to find just a single clue. The Monotoli Building, the Dept. Store, the Dinosaur Museum, the Topolla Theater, even the Bar, but no one seems to have any information for us.

However, our luck changes as we leave the bar and see a crowd around the alleyway. It looks like someone might be dead. Actually, I think I know that dead guy, that’s Everdred from back in Twoson. What could he possibly be doing here? And I guess more importantly, why is he now dying in an alley behind a bar?

It is Everdred, and thankfully he’s not dead, at least not yet. He tells us everything that happened. Apparently after we defeated Carpainter back in Happy Happy Village, Everdred went in and stole the Mani Mani Statue from him. He brought it here with hopes to sell it for a good profit, but Monotoli noticed it and managed to steal it from Everdred. Imagine the irony, someone stealing from a master thief like Everdred. Anyway, after stealing the statue, he wanted to get rid of Everdred because he know the too much about the statue. That’s how he ended up here dying in an alleyway.

While he can’t tell us much more after that, he does give us our first good clue in a while “at the bar, Check behind the counter”. Then with his dying words he decides to give us a little haiku. “When on your way out – Be sure that you say goodbye – then lock the door tight.”

After that he’s gone. Like, he left, not that he died. He just gets up, makes a nasty face to frighten some of the women gathered around, and leaves. Now I’m confused, how badly injured was he? Is he goes to die or was he just resting. He got up and walked away pretty easily for someone who is dying…

Following Everdred’s advice, we check behind the counter at the bar. As we do, we are engulfed in a blinding white light. When our vision returns to us, we find ourselves in some dark alternate reality version of Fourside. Everdred, what have you gotten us into?!

Asking around, we find out a few key bits of information. For one, this is no longer Fourside, we are now in the city of Moonside. In addition to that, this really is a backwards world where yes is no and no is yes, so we’ll have to keep that in mind any time we talk to anyone here…

As we start talking to more people, we find out something rather peculiar. Apparently the guys in Hawaiian shirts are jerks who will teleport you away as soon as you talk to them. However, the one I talked to did teleport me to a good spot, kind of. We can see the Mani Mani Statue down there in front of the Moonside Monotoli building, we just can’t get to it because this guy is blocking the path. However, he does give us a hint. He’ll only move out of the way for the guy “whose eyebrows are connected and who also has a gold tooth.”

So it looks like we have a goal now, find someone with a unibrow and gold tooth, how hard could that be? Join us next time as we search the town for this mystery man!