Earthbound – Day 41

–Day 41–

There are a lot of monkeys in this tunnel asking for things, and it can quickly become very annoying. However, I will commend the game for one thing. Many of the paths have presents on them which contain the very items the other monkeys are asking for. Thanks to this, you only need to bring one or two things into the tunnel intentionally, and then everything else will work out on its own.

Searching through the maze of tunnels, we eventually find ourselves at yet another dead end. This time we actually managed to the Bag of Dragonite which the other monkey mentioned. It seems to be quite a powerful item to use in battle. Apparently you sprinkle it on a party member and they will turn into a dragon to defeat the enemies. Another dead end had a Flame Pendant which appears to negate Fire damage in battle. I’ll have to keep these safe for later.

We continue trading items with the monkeys until we find the correct sequence of paths. For the record, the correct path is Right path, Left Path, Right path. There’s a little problem though, we find ourselves blocked by yet another Pencil statue. So we’re going to have to head back out and call Escargo Express to get the Pencil Eraser out of storage.

After that, I ideal course of action is to actually WAIT for the delivery guy. But that’s not for me, no, I apparently wanted to be stupid and go back into the caves without waiting. Naturally, the delivery guy couldn’t find me and left with my package. Without the Pencil Eraser there really isn’t anything I can do, so let’s call Escargo Express again and actually WAIT this time.

After waiting for the delivery guy, we dive back into the caves and head straight for the Pencil Statue. Just as we thought, inside this room is Talah Rama. He starts talking about space and time and destiny and, you know, the kind of stuff that you would expect to hear from someone who has meditated so much he’s literally floating in the air.

After his long speech, he hands over the Tofu Machine which the delivery guy dropped. In addition to that, he also offers to teach us a special skill to help us move through space. Well, he offers to let the monkey teach us the skill anyway.

It’s apparently not the type of skill you can learn inside, so we follow the monkey back outside and down to the road. Apparently we’re being taught the ability to instantly teleport back to any location we’ve previously visited. This will definitely make it easier to travel around. However, there is a slight catch to the ability. You don’t simply whirlwind away like many other games allow you to teleport. In this game, you have to actually get a good running start before you teleport away. This also means if you run into anything it will cause the teleportation to fail.

With our new found ability, we teleport back to Fourside and head to the hotel for some well deserved rest. Tomorrow for sure we’ll rescue Paula, so join me then as we get her back. See you then.