Earthbound – Day 50

–Day 50–

With the picture of the Hieroglyph in hand, the Sphinx finally talks to us. We press the buttons in the simple star pattern shown to us before and the Sphinx acknowledges us as warriors fit to enter the Pyramid. He also gives us the advice to search for the Hawk Eye, which the Hieroglyph mentioned being essential to defeating the evil invaders.

As would be expected of a Pyramid, we are almost immediately attacked by a mummy when we enter.  At least I’m guessing it’s a mummy, with a name like “The Fierce Shattered Man” I’m not entirely sure what I’m looking at. These guys are nearly identical to the ones we already fought back on the second floor of the Museum, just a little stronger. Still not a huge threat though.

What did catch me a bit of guard though was when the Hieroglyphics started coming to life and jumping off the wall to attack us. I’m not entirely sure how that would even work. I mean, hieroglyphics are typically created by chiseling them out of the stone. How does negative space come to life?

Thankfully, the Pyramid is similar to the Sewers in the fact that there is only a single path to follow as we make our way through. At the highest point of the pyramid, we find a very suspicious casket. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything we can do about it at the moment. I know it can be moved, I can see the hole underneath it when it disappears in the battle transition. I just don’t know what we’re supposed to do yet to get it to move.

The path does continue on to the right and down the other side of the Pyramid, so maybe we’ll find something useful over there. After some time travelling down the other side, we eventually find ourselves in a dead end room. At first glance it would appear empty except for the handful of monsters. Not exactly what we were looking for I’m afraid.

However, on closer inspection there is actually a hidden switch on the floor. We can’t see anything change, but it sounds like something has moved up above. Upon returning to the highest point of the Pyramid we see that the casket has indeed been pushed aside, revealing the hole we knew was under it.

We can’t be sure what’s down there, and everyone is already pretty low on HP and PP. So before we jump into the darkness, I think it would be best to return to town for a quick moment and heal everyone. Join us next time as we explore the hidden depths of the Pyramid in search of the Hawk Eye!