Earthbound – Day 54

–Day 54–

It looks like the three of us are going to have to find our way through the Deep Darkness on our own. It doesn’t take long before we discover where it got its name from as well as WHY we needed the Hawk Eye in the first place. Not far from the little monkey village, the whole swamp becomes so dark you can’t see anything. Using the Hawk Eye lets you see through the darkness clear as day.

Unfortunately, some things are best unseen. Apparently the whole swamp is home to dozens of puke monsters that resemble Master Belch. You remember Master Belch right? He was the boss monster we had to fight to free Threek from the zombies. After seeing them we head home to get that Jar of Fly Honey we’ve had in storage, can’t be too careful with those puke monsters roaming around.

There are of course other monsters that live here in the swamp, but the most dangerous seems to be the Hostile Elder Oak. Right away you might recognize what the problem is. Just like their lower level cousins, the Territorial Oak, these monsters explode upon death causing massive damage to the entire party. We’ll have to be careful to avoid them as we traverse the swamp.

Although we might not be having the greatest of time here in the swamp, the photographer couldn’t help but show up and take our picture. It was very poor timing on his part, poor Jeff was still buried up to his neck in swamp muck at the time.

Just around the corner however the whole party’s moral shot way up. Once again Porky is one step ahead of us, but it looks like he may have finally gotten what was coming to him as we discover his crashed and destroyed helicopter in the middle of the swamp. Jeff’s quick analysis shows it’s beyond repair, so unfortunately we can’t use it. But after a crash that bad, alone, and without the Hawk Eye to see, surely this means Porky is dead and will no longer be bothering us.

Then again our enemies seem to be incredibly hard to kill. Case in point, we thought we had killed Master Belch back in his base behind the waterfall. Well, not only did we NOT kill him, but he has returned to fight us again stronger than ever. He has even changed his name from Master Belch to Master Barf to reflect his new found power.

Not only is he stronger than ever, but the Jar of Fly Honey no longer seems to have any effect on him. That’s certainly not a good sign. Last time we fought Master Belch, the only way to defeat him was to distract him with the Fly Honey. Was there some other Item we were supposed to bring to this fight?

There’s no time to worry about that right now though, we’ll just have to fight him off as best we can. Of course, that is easier said than done. The fight with Master Barf is just like the last fight with Master Belch. He still exhales his stinky breath, causing everyone to cry uncontrollably. He also burps his Nauseating Breath at us which causes Jeff to become nauseous and take damage over time.

Things were starting to look bad for the team when suddenly Poo swings down from the sky to save the day! Using his new power PK Starstorm α, Poo called down the stars from the heavens to defeat Master Barf. It’s a good thing he showed up when he did. And look, our party is once again whole!

Just past Master Barf we finally find our way out of the swamp and onto dry land. There also seems to be a cave of some sort waiting for us to explore it. But who knows what we’ll find inside. For now, I think we’ll have to stop here and explore the cave another day.

So join us next time as we see what’s in this cave. Is it more monsters? Or do we finally get a reward for our actions? You’ll just have to find out next time!