Earthbound – Day 57

–Day 57–

Thanks to Apple Kid’s quick work making the Eraser Eraser Machine, we can finally get rid of the Eraser Statue blocking our path. However, the tunnels are swarming with alien monsters. This is definitely going to be a tough challenge to get everyone back.

The most common enemies we seem to encounter are the Mook Seniors. These guys need to be defeated as quickly as possible or their PK Thunder attacks will cause some serious harm to the party. However, the bigger threat is the Starmen, the agents of Giygas. We haven’t seen these guys since the beginning of the game, so seeing them here means we must be getting close to Giygas himself.

As we get deeper into the tunnel, another enemy starts showing up with alarming frequency, the Atomic Power Robot. Its attacks aren’t anything special. However, like many other enemies we’ve encountered, defeating it is worse than fighting it. Upon death, this machine will explode into bits, causing significant damage to the party, and cause extra strain on our PP and healing items.

Eventually we make it through the entire tunnel system and into a secret underground base. We are of course immediately attacked by enemies including the new Super Starmen. In addition to being gold instead of silver, these Super Starmen start the battle with a PK Shield already up, causing any PK attacks to reflect back at the party. They also frequently summon other Starmen to the battle causing it to drag on that much longer.

We try to explore the base, but everyone is already tired, battered, and low on PP. At this point it’s fairly obvious that we don’t have the strength left in us to defend ourselves here right now, yet alone try to defeat everyone. Reluctantly we accept this failure and ask the Exit Mouse to guide us to safety.

Today has been a tough day, and we’re going to need some time to recover. So join us next time as we make another attempt and infiltrating the alien base. See you then!