Earthbound – Day 60

–Day 60–

Now that all the Tenda have been cured of their shyness, we can finally ask for the help of the one strong Tenda to move the boulder blocking the path to the Lost Underworld. He of course is very willing to help, throwing the boulder so high into the air that it in fact never returns.

We quickly descend down the hole and find ourselves face to face with a talking rock. It doesn’t give us much information, but it does inform us of a more talkative rock to be found up ahead. He even emphasizes the fact that we should seek out that rock to talk to.

So with just that little bit of push, we head straight into another dungeon maze full of monsters. At first, this one feels like a walk in the park compared to the alien base we just cleared out. There may be a lot of monsters here, but so many of them seem to be Fobbies, stronger versions of the Foppies we encountered back in the base behind the waterfall. These guys attack in large groups, but they are so weak that the whole group can be killed with a single PK Fire γ.

There are a lot of branching paths to this maze, which makes it hard to navigate, but for the most part I thought we were doing pretty well. That all changed after a rather unlucky encounter with a Conducting Spirit. With a single PK Flash β he managed to knock out three of our party members, leaving only Jeff alive but crying.

We were forced to run away from the battle and quickly use an Exit Mouse to get back to the Tenda Village. I wasn’t expecting such a quick defeat like that, and we’re going to have to plan so it doesn’t happen again. With that in mind, we head back home to talk to Tracy and organize all our items.

This could take a while, we have a lot of junk in storage that we really need to sort through and probably sell most of it. So rather than stick around, why not just join us next time as we try again to make it through the Lost Underworld. See you then.