Earthbound – Day 61

–Day 61–

We return to the Tenda Village and once again try to make our way through the cave system of the Lost Underground. Learning from our previous mistakes, we proceeded through the cave with a much higher level of caution, trying to avoid another run in with the Conducting Spirit. We do however run into a couple more talking rocks, though none of them give us any useful information.

We also managed to find a very useful item in one of the presents, The Diadem of Kings. This is the second piece of exclusive equipment for Poo we’ve managed to find, and we of course equip it right away. Every little bit of armor helps and we’re looking forward to getting Poo a complete set of equipment eventually.

After many twists and turns, we eventually come upon the guardian of the seventh My Sanctuary location, the Electro Specter. After the last battle, we may have gone into this one with a bit of undeserved confidence, and that definitely got us into trouble.

For starters, The Electro Specter has a PK Shield up at the start of the battle. This is something we didn’t account for, and something that caused us a fair amount of trouble the first round as everyone launched their PK Attacks just to have them rebound. That’s of course on top of the Electro Specter’s own Electrical Shock attacks which caused significant damage when they hit.

It took a few rounds for everyone to recover, but we eventually all got back on our feet. It helps that all those PK Attacks ended up destroying its shield, and we’re free to go all out once again. Thanks to a well appreciated SMASH attack from Ness, we come back to make short work of the Electro Specter and claim another My Sanctuary.

The cave system that makes up the My Sanctuary location, named Lumine Hall, is quite different from the cave that came before it. In fact, it quite resembles a large LED message screen. To drive that point home further, it actually does scroll a message across its wall as we get near to it. “I’m Ness… It’s been a long road getting here… Soon, I’ll be… Soon, I’ll be… Soon, I’ll be… what will happen to us? W… what’s happening? My thoughts are being written out on the wall… or are they?”

After this message, Ness sees a vision of his father holding him. Then the Sound Stone again recorded the melody of the area. With that, there is only one location left for us to discover before we have recorded the melody from all eight locations.

We continue through the cave and eventually fall down through a hole in the floor. This immediately feels like it was a terrible mistake as we find ourselves in a large overworld full of what looks like giant dinosaurs. You may have also noticed that we have become tiny in comparison. We can barely even see ourselves on the screen anymore.

There are quite a few dinosaurs roaming around, but they seem to mostly fall into two types, Wetnosaurs and Chomposaurs. The Wetnosaurs actually aren’t that bad. They have a good amount of health, but aren’t that big of a threat. The Chomposaurs however are a bit more dangerous. They will regularly cast PK Fire α on the party, causing decent damage to everyone. They also have a Shield up causing physical attacks to deflect back.

With all these dinosaurs roaming around, we’re relieved to find an evacuation site set up. It appears to have a couple of Tenda inside already, but that’s hard to truly confirm with the tiny sprites. Either way, the one gives us some advice for exploring the area. There are frequent earthquakes around here which cause the hot springs to erupt. The blue springs are apparently good for recovering health, while the red springs are good for recovering from status effects. We’ll have to keep that in mind as we explore.

However, we’re going to have to spend the night here at the evacuation site. Join us next time as we properly explore this land of giant monsters! See you then!