Hello Geckos!!!

I’m not sure when the official announcement is going to be made. When it is made, they said they would include my website in the thanks, so I figured I should say something too so people know they’re at the right place. First off, for those people confused, I am a huge fan of the Twitch VTuber Zentreya, and her chat is nicknamed Geckos. Over the past couple months, I have been helping the Zentreya Twitch Vods Youtube Channel fill in some holes in their collection by sharing my own collection. Her 2D Redebut as a cyborg as well as her 3D model debut are two from my collection.

Onto my point for this post…Well,…I guess I don’t really have one. If I do get any gecko traffic, thank you for checking out the site, spread the word. Maybe reach out to me. I don’t really use them much, but I have the Facebook and Twitter accounts. I’m also a member of Zentreya’s Discord as “DeadPark121”. In the time I’ve been running the site, I’ve never really gotten any feedback. I’m not even sure my traffic is real people or just bots. So I’d be happy to hear from someone actually enjoying the site. Maybe recommend a game for me to play. Hopefully a little push from you geckos will encourage me to post more.

I guess that’s it. Check out Zentreya if you’re not already a fan, and Rock On!