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I have always loved games, and I’ve frequently had an on again off again interest in making my own games. Whether it be from fear of the challenge, or simply laziness, I’ve never tried to make anything before. But after all the work I’ve put into this site, my confidence has gone up a bit. So finally I’m going to start the process of learning to make my own games. I’ve never done any coding before, and I really have no idea what I’m doing, but that’s what YouTube Tutorials are all about. I’ll be starting completely from the ground up, so don’t expect anything fantastic right away. But I plan to build up my skill sets and maybe someday put out a game people actually enjoy playing.

Check out what I’ve created, and give me some feedback.
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escape-the-cell2Escape The Cell

My first ever game!!! It’s a simple Text Adventure / Room Escape. See if you can solve the challenge and Escape the Cell alive!!

Posted: 05/30/2016

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I hope you enjoy playing my games. If you do, keep up to date by following me on Facebook and Twitter. Come leave me your comments, suggestions, and recommendations. If you’re feeling real generous, you can even Donate to help me keep the site going. Thank you for playing, and I’ll see you next time.