Pokemon Journal: Catching The Legends!

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Welcome back to the destruction of Team Galactic. When we left off, every member in their headquarters has been defeated, and the 3 Lake Guardians have been freed. Unfortunately, their leader Cyrus has run off to Mt Coronet with some sort of Red Chain. All as part of his master plan apparently. It’s up to us to chase him down and stomp out any last hints of hope he has left in his life. So let’s get to it!

Mt Coronet snowy area

The climb up the mountain is long and hard. There are plenty of galactic grunts in the caves the slow you down. Not to mention the constant random Pokémon attacks. When I finally climbed out of the caves onto the snow covered plateau just to find I was only halfway there, I thought I would never make it. But I can’t give up now. I need to make it to the very peak and crush Cyrus once and for all.

Spear Pillar

Hidden at the summit of the mountain is the Spear Pillar. It is here that Cyrus uses the Red Chain to summon Dialga, The ancient deity of time into our dimension. Cyrus plans to use Dialga’s Roar of Time to destroy everything and start a new galaxy where he is the ruler. Before anything can be done to stop him, I’ll have to fight my way though his commanders Mars and Jupiter. Thankfully Barry has shown up just in time, and we battle side by side to save the world.

Spear Pillar cutscene

Together, we may have won the fight, but they stalled us for too long. Dialga is already starting to create a new galaxy. His Roar of time is causing ripped distortions to travel all across the region. Against such amazing power, there isn’t really anything we can do. It looks like Cyrus may have actually won. We’re all going to die now.



Weavile Gyarados

But just then, the 3 Lake Guardians show up to calm the mighty Pokémon. They also manage to destroy the Red Chain Cyrus had created. It would seem the immediate danger to the world is gone, but we aren’t finished here Cyrus has to pay for what he did. He brings out his strongest party this time, and for once it was an exciting battle. In the end, victory was mine, but as Cyrus leaves, he still seems to hold out that he will achieve his goals one day. We’ll have to see to it that never happens.


Team Galactic may have left the mountain, but there is still a very angry and very powerful Pokémon up here on Spear Pillar with me. If I’m going to stop it from destroying the world, and prevent Cyrus from ever using him again, I’ll have to capture him myself. My team’s move set isn’t really designed around capture, more towards high damage, so I don’t have any status moves are weak attacks to make this capture easier. I always have the Master Ball to fall back on, but I’d rather save that for the roaming Pokémon. Pachirisu is going to have to save the day this time, and he completely pulls through for me, even withstanding a direct hit from Dialga’s Roar of Time. Using his electric attacks, we managed to paralyze Dialga, and then carefully whittle his health down to the red with our weaker attacks. It may have just been luck, but it only took 5 Ultra Balls before I was able to claim Dialga as my own.


Known as “The Being of Willpower.” It sleeps at the bottom of a lake to keep the world in balance.

Upon catching Dialga, Dawn and Professor Rowan show up to congratulate me. The world is saved, but still there is the fear that it might happen again. If we want to protect the world, we’ll have to protect the lake guardians ourselves. After the climb back down the mountain, I head straight for Valor Lake, Starting my quest for the guardians in the same place Team Galactic did. Here I find Azelf hiding in the cave at the center of the lake. After fighting with Dialga, this capture was much simpler. A few rounds of weak attacks and Azelf was down to the red. Then with a single Ultra ball I captured the first of the 3 Lake Guardians.


Known as “The Being of Emotion.” It taught humans the nobility of sorrow, pain, and joy.

Heading then to Lake Verity, I tried to capture the Lake Guardian Mesprit. Unfortunately for me, Mesprit didn’t want to stay still like Azelf did. Instead, it fled and became a roaming Pokémon teleporting all over the region. I chased him down the best I could, eventually catching up to him on Route 205. I have no intention of chasing it down again, so with the aid of the master ball I acquired from Cyrus, I have captured the second of the Lake Guardians.


Known as “The Being of Knowledge.” It is said that it can wipe out the memory of those who see its eyes.

This leaves only one final lake to visit, Lake Acuity in the frozen north. Here, I encountered the final Lake Guardian Uxie, who thankfully stayed to battle properly. Unfortunately for me, I had the hardest time capturing it. Uxie’s defenses seemed very high, even compared to Dialga, and I never did manage to paralyze it. After finally bringing it down to the red, I managed to capture it after 3 Ultra Balls. And with that I am now the proud owner of all three of the Lake Guardians as well as the Ancient Deity of Time. I didn’t have to blow up a lake to do it. I didn’t have to create an entire organization to help me. It didn’t even take me that long, only like an hour. There’s only one thing left to do, and that is to head back to the Galactic Headquarters and GLOAT!!!


See how easy that was Team Galactic? It was so easy that a 10 year old did it on alone and in just over an hour. After this well deserved shaming, it would seem Team Galactic has finally learned their lesson. From the sounds of it, Cyrus has run off and no one knows where he went. This leaves Commander Saturn in charge of all of Team Galactic. He doesn’t seem quite as stupid or arrogant as Cyrus, and he seems to have learned a lot from their previous failures. Namely that destroying the world to make it better is probably not a good plan. In what looks like an effort to rebrand themselves, they’ve even stopped referring to this building as the Team Galactic Headquarters. According to the receptionist, it is now the Galactic Veilstone Building.

The day is saved, Team Galactic is more or less disbanded, and I have all of the legendary Pokémon safely stored inside my computer box. It was a good day’s work, and now its time to kick back and relax at the casinos here in Veilstone. Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you all next time when we go after our 8th and final gym badge.

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Current Pokémon:

Empoleon Drifblim Cherrim
Empoleon Drifblim Cherrim
Level: 51 Level: 52 Level: 50
Rampardos Pachirisu Bibarel
Rampardos Pachirisu Bibarel
Level: 50 Level: 50 Level: 50

Play Time: 49h 14m

Badges: 7

Pokédex Entries: 128

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Once again, it’s time for a Pokémon art gallery, and I really think I’m starting to get good at drawing Pokémon.

Pumpkaboo Art

Finishing up the lessons on shadowing we have a wonderful Pumpkaboo. I haven’t played X and Y long enough to actually see one of these, but I love the concept of them. Just the fact that they come in different sizes like pumpkins makes them really interesting. Plus I really just love all the ghost types.

Fletchling Art

Starting up the next lesson, we switch styles to colored pencils and learn to do some hatching for shading. I’ve never liked hatching because it looks so random. Over all I think the picture came out pretty good, but I can’t help but be insecure when I actually focus on the hatching shadows.

So there you have it, another journal entry done and it doesn’t seem like many left. With only 1 badge left to get, I hope you’ll stick with me through to the end. Thank you, and I’ll see you next time.

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